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Flores -  Andres Compagnucci

Andres Compagnucci Flores

In Dior we Trust - Ernesto Javier Fernandez

Ernesto Javier Fernandez In Dior we Trust

El Morro - Mario  Perez

Mario Perez El Morro

Exhibiting Artists

  • Ernesto Javier Fernandez  (+)

    Biography : Ernesto Javier Fernandez, born in 1963, is the son of one of the island's best photojournalists, but above all, he is an excellent photographer on his own. So much so, his father allowed him to use the crossbow in equal matches, and in 2001, Ernesto was awarded Harvard University’s First Prize of Photography. In spite of having used an inexpensive “camarita” since he was a boy and worked as a photojournalist and writer for Cuban and German publications, Ernesto Javier takes up photography as a freelance artistic pursuit in 2006. In his work, there is a diverse mixture of visual languages that are produced, ranging from the apparent objectivity and austerity of photojournalism, to the pompousness and buzzing in advertising. In fact, the hybridity and transition stage where classification becomes difficult is what moves this creator. Fernandez is a historian that is not only satisfied with referring data in a cold and direct way, but the sensibility and humor is his judgment, as his aspirations to keep re-inventing himself, they turn him into an artist who gets the best outcomes of the possibilities in expression using the photographic language.

    Exhibition : 2018. Eduardo Lira Art gallery’s booth. Art Wynwood. Miami. US.
    2017. “In Dior we Trust”. Artium Miami Art Gallery. US.
    2017. Artium Art Gallery. Art Wynwood. Miami. US.
    2016. “Cuba Unfinished”. Artium Art Gallery. Santiago. Chile.
    2016. BA Photo. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
    2016. Lima Photo. Photo International Fair. Lima. Peru.
    2016. Art Lima. Lima. Peru.
    2015. “Cuba Unfinished”. Artium Art Gallery. Miami. US.
    2014. “Recycling Memory and Culture”. Arena 1 Gallery. Santa Monica. California. US.
    2014. Barcú. International Art Fair. La Candelaria. Bogotá. Colombia.
    2014. “Spreading its Wings”. Cuban Art from the Ron and Una Brasch Collection. Fine Arts Center Colorado Springs. Colorado. US.
    2013. “What you see, what you get”. Villa Manuela Art Gallery. Havana. Cuba.
    2012. “Let the Memories Begin”. Complejo Morro-Cabaña. Havana Cuba.
    2010. Rainhart Gallery. Brussels. Belgium.
    2010. Centre Culturel Du Manoir of Cologny. Geneva. Switzerland.
    2010. Houston Art Fair. Houston. Texas. US.
    2010. Salt Fine Art Gallery. Laguna Beach. Los Angeles. California. US.
    2009. ArtBO. International Art Fair. Bogotá. Colombia.
    2002.“Framing Cuba”. Harvard University. Boston. Massachusetts. US.
    1996. “Viva María”. Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano. Havana. Cuba.
    1995. “Stuttgart, mi Amor”. Centro Cultural Zapata. Stuttgart. Germany.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Ernesto Javier Fernandez - In Dior we Trust In Dior we Trust

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  • Mario Perez  (+)

    Biography : Mario Pérez was born in San Juan (Argentina) in 1960 y recientemente falleció en esa misma ciudad a los 58 años, dejando un inmenso legado artístico. The second of seven children, and the son of a housepainter. He obtained his degree in Visual Arts at Universidad Nacional de San Juan in Argentina. Although, he is a draughtsman and a painter, he is also interested in interdisciplinary artistic expressions. In 2003, Pérez was the recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant, one of his greatest achievements. He also had the honor of being part of the National Exhibition “200 Years-200 Masters of Argentinean Art”, commemorating the country’s bicentennial. Mario has won international distinctions such as the Cecilia Grierson Award at the Salón Nacional de Pintura in La Plata in 1992; the Marco A. Roca Award at the Salón Pro-Arte, Córdoba, also in 1992; and the first prize in the 88º Salón Nacional de Pintura in Buenos Aires in 1999. His art often features tiny figures in immense landscapes, and unique backgrounds. His work has been regularly featured in leading auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s in New York, and private and public collections. Since 1988 he has been exhibiting regularly in various shows in Argentina and abroad. His latest shows took place in Miami at ArtSpace-Virginia Miller Galleries, and at Ascaso Gallery.

    Exhibition : 2018. “Deep Blue”. Solo exhibition at Wynwood 28 | Art Gallery. Wynwood District Arts. Miami. Fl. US.
    2016. Monumento al Holocausto in San Juan (Argentina).
    2008. Individual show in Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá (Colombia).
    2005. Museo del Puerto de Tarragona. Tarragona (Spain).
    2004. Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA). Long Beach (California).
    2004. Museum of Art South Dakota. South Dakota (USA).
    2003. Museo de Asturias. Asturias (Spain).
    2002. Palais de Glace. Buenos Aires (Argentina).
    1999. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Buenos Aires (Argentina).

    Awards & Recognitions
    2003. Pollock Krasner Grant (USA).
    2002. Leonardo Prize, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Buenos Aires (Argentina).
    1999. 1st Prize, Paintings, LXXXVIII Salón Nacional de Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires (Argentina).
    1997. Prize, XVI Universidad del Salvador. Centro Cultural Borges. Buenos Aires (Argentina).
    1996. First Prize II American Religious Paintings. Salón Fraternitas. Rosario. Santa Fe. Argentina.
    1993. Second Prize Drawings. 30º Salón Nacional de Dibujo y Grabado. San Luis (Argentina).
    1992. Cecilia Grierson Prize Paintings. Salón Nacional de La Plata. Buenos Aires (Argentina).

    Artist's Objects:

    • Mario  Perez - El Morro El Morro

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  • Cecilia Prato

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Other Represented Artists

  • Florencia Aise  (+)

    Biography : Anyone who would like to know who this plastic artist is, will have to browse through her early years in Mendoza (Argentina), her home city. Even as a child, Florencia Aise, already showed attraction for painting instead of playing with dolls and toys. At first she grabbed brushes and crayons, and would start creating a doodle on fabrics or paper, then a stroke and finally, a drawing. With the support of her family and an environment inclined to art, her curiosity was transformed into an intense vocation, in which the Great Masters of Art, as Goya and Diego Rivera, became her first referents. Afterwards, came the time when she started to visit several ateliers, where she listened to the pieces of advice generous colleagues had to offer. They taught her about different techniques and styles, and how to work with shades and textures. All of these were necessary stages which helped her start to crystallize the dream of having a career as a plastic artist. Everything happened very fast, so much so that at age 16, Florencia had already provoked admiration for her oils on canvas, her favorite technique, in which she was defined for her naturalistic tone with incredible realism. Her first exhibitions became unexpected successes. In fact, the first art works of this self-educated artist were acquired by an Argentinian private collector. Nowadays, with the maturity achieved during such an intense trajectory, that included her degree as an Industrial Designer, Aise has developed a unique technique to portray the beauty of little things, those that we usually miss when they do not belong to us anymore. “Todo el mundo cabe en una sola gota de agua” (The whole world fits in a single drop of water) is her top art work of hyperrealism, in which her careful and faithful drawings question the identity of the original model. Something similar happens with her recognized Horses series. Thanks to its dynamism and energy, they seem to gallop eternally. And when we thought we knew ev

    Exhibition : 2004. Solo exhibition in the art gallery of La Rural winery. Mendoza. (Argentina). 2004. Group exhibition in Centro Europeo di Arte Contemporaneo. Roma. (Italy). 2004. Group exhibition in IL Centro Contemporaneo di Arte. Sicilia. (Italy). 2005. Group exhibition. 50th 4860’s District Conference of Rotary International. Centro de Congresos y Exposiciones. Mendoza. (Argentina). 2005. International award in Associazione Culturale della Europa di arte contemporaneo. Roma. (Italy). 2005. Internazionale Award of Art “Buenos Aires”. Roma (Italy). 2005. Prize D’onore e Merito. Roma. (Italy). 2006. Solo exhibition. Park Hyatt’s space art. Mendoza. (Argentina). 2007. Group exhibition. Javier Baliña art gallery. Buenos Aires. (Argentina). 2008. “Caballos” series. Solo exhibition. Decimo. Mendoza. (Argentina). 2008. “Plan dominó”. Solo exhibition. Dalila Tahan’s atellier. Mendoza. (Argentina). 2008. Group exhibition “Il Retorno”. Parque General San Martín. Mendoza. (Argentina). 2009. “Expresiones de Tango”. Group exhibition. Bolsa de Comercio. Mendoza. (Argentina). 2011. “De frutos y bodegones” series. Solo exhibition. Santangelo gallery art. Mendoza. (Argentina). 2014. “Collage” solo exhibition. Santangelo gallery art. Mendoza. (Argentina). 2014. Spectrum art fair. Solo exhibition. Art Basel Week 2014. Miami (US). 2015. “Arte en Vendimia”. Group exhibition. Mendoza. (Argentina). 2015. Artexpo art fair. Group exhibition. Pier 92/94. Manhattan. New York. (US). 2015. Opening Exhibition on Art Basel’s Week. Wynwood 28 Gallery. Miami (US).

    Detailed Description : Florencia Aise stands out for her mega hyper-realistic portraits. With her work, she is able to surprise the spectators not only for the themes that she chooses, but also for the fidelity with which she represents the real model.

  • Ernesto Bertani  (+)

    Biography : Ernesto Bertani was born on February 3rd, 1949 in Buenos Aires (Argentina). He is the second child of a traditional middle class family, and the result of a blend of immigrant generations from Italy, France and Spain. During elementary school, he was an outstanding student; however, this did not apply during high school. Apparently, Ernesto got bored and instead of listening to his teachers, he would draw or illustrate the last football match he had seen. When he felt romantic at heart, he would draw erotic motifs. His aunt Bertha Rioboo, painter and gallery worker, would take him to art exhibitions and it was together with her, by observing how she painted during the weekends, that he discovered that he could also become a painter. Nevertheless, he started studying Architecture, which he dropped out during the second year to enjoy, for the first time, the “freedom of painting all the time…” Self-taught until the age of 24, he later studied sculpture with the master Leonardo Rodríguez. In 1975, in an attempt to give color to his gypsums, he resumed his classes with Victor Chab, mentor who gave him the encouragement he needed to work as a full time painter. He has received numerous awards, among which are: the First Price for Painting (1982) and the First Price for Drawing (1983) at the Municipal Hall in Buenos Aires; the Casa de las Américas Award, at the Havana Biennial (Cuba, 1984), the Grand Prize of Honor at the National Drawing Hall (1994) and the Grand Prize of Honor at the National Painting Hall (2002). He has been an exclusive artist at Zurbarán Gallery, one of Argentina’s most well known galleries, which is in charge of the organization of his exhibitions and the edition of the publications that describe his work. In his pictorial work, he elaborates images whose mimesis with the real exceeds the analogy. His hyper realistic technique is the most appropriate way to transmit messages of great rhetoric elaboration, in which the simplest elements

    Exhibition : 2016 Group exhibition. "The Best of the Year". Wynwood 28 | Art Gallery. Miami. Fl. (US). Art Basel Week 2016. 2013-2015 Solo exhibition. Zurbarán Gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2012 Solo exhibition. Besharat Gallery. Atlanta (USA). 2010-2011 Solo exhibition. Zurbarán Gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2009 “Retrospectiva”. Fine Arts Municipal Museum. Tandil. Buenos Aires (Argentina). Solo exhibition. Recoleta’s Cultural Center. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2008 “Retrospectiva”. Teatro Argentino. La Plata. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2007 “100 Años de Pintura Argentina”. La Plata and Mendoza (Argentina). “Artistas por Argentina”. Sívori Museum. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2006 “30 Años”. Zurbarán Gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2005 “Caballos en Libertad”. Recoleta’s Cultural Center. Buenos Aires (Argentina). “Las Obras del 10”. MALBA. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2004 “Osos de Berlín en Buenos Aires”. Recoleta’s Cultural Center. Buenos Aires (Argentina). Latin American Painting Contest. Borges Cultural Center. Buenos Aires (Argentina). “Homenaje a Dalí”. Zurbarán Gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). “Palais de Papel”. Palais de Glace. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2003 “Chandon por el Arte”. Recoleta’s Cultural Center. Buenos Aires (Argentina). Casa FOA ’03. Buenos Aires. (Argentina) Altera Gallery. Pinamar. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2002 “Artistas por Argentina”. A.P.A. Sívori Museum. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2001 Solo exhibition. Altera Gallery. Pinamar. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 1998 Solo exhibition. Zurbarán Alvear’s Collection. Buenos Aires (Argentina). “Exposición Tango”. Atlanta. California y Texas (USA). Solo exhibition. Mateo Sariel Gallery. Panama. 1997 “Retrospectiva”. Rosa Galisteo de Rodríguez Museum. Santa Fe. (Argentina) 1994 Group exhibition “Argentine Now”. California, Texas and Massachusetts (USA). 1992 Solo exhibition. Hammer Gallery. New

  • Sergio Castiglione  (+)

    Biography : Sergio Castiglione (Buenos Aires, 1965) is an Argentine photographer. He has exhibited his work in Argentina as well as abroad. He mainly focuses on urban exploration, travel and architecture photography. Education Sergio Castiglione received his degree in architecture from the School of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies of the Universidad de Buenos Aires (1989); his MBA in Architecture from Syracuse University, New York, USA (1993); and his MBA in Construction and Real Estate from Universidad Católica Argentina/Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (1996). In the field of photography, Mr. Castiglione participated in different courses, seminars and clinics on works of artists at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA, Andy Goldstein Photo School, Buenos Aires, Argentina as well as with Rodolfo Lozano, Miguel Zurraco, Grace Bayala and Fabiana Barreda. Life Story Sergio Castiglione participated in a large number of activities related to creative art and culture. While at the university, he was assistant curator for the exhibition of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the National Academy of Fine Arts -MNBA- (1985) and, later on, assistant curator of the Palanza Award (1986) working for architect Alberto Bellucci in both cases. As architecture reporter Mr. Castiglione wrote for El Cronista, La Nación, Summa magazine, D&D (1986-1990), among others, and was appointed correspondent in Europe and the USA as member of a team led by Carlos L. Dibar. Between 1993 and 1999 Sergio Castiglione served as publisher of Arquis, Universidad de Palermo`s School of Architecture news magazine and some issues of Casas magazine. He was also co-author of a book called “Estancias Argentinas” (1996) published with Hernán Barbero Sarzábal. In 1997, Sergio Castiglione was curator of the exhibition “Madera, Acero y Piedra – Arquitectura y Diseño Finlandés de los 90 (Wood, Steel and Stone – Finnish Architecture and Design of the `90) opened at the MNBA by the President of Finland duri

    Exhibition : Exhibitions 2016. Group exhibition. "The Best of the Year". Wynwood 28 | Art Gallery. Miami. Fl. (US). Art Basel Week 2016. 2016. Solo exhibition. "Urban Mirrors. A different way to see Buenos Aires". Wynwood 28 | Art Gallery. Miami. Fl. (US). Argentina - Art Hotel; El Baldío Móvil Art Center (2011); Legislature Building of the city of Buenos Aires; Fundación Ctibor of the city of La Plata; District 2 – Recoleta; Open Office (2012); MARQ, Buenos Aires Architecture and Design Museum of Buenos Aires; El Cubo Art Center; Centro Cultural Recoleta; Live In; Fundación Cherry Breitman (2013); Hit 1 Art Center; El Ojo Errante Art Club; Hopening Art Fair; Art Hotel; Plaza Castelli (2014); Centro Cultural Recoleta, Cassará Art Center (2015) Brazil - Consigo Art Gallery, San Pablo (2013), Museo de la Imagen y Sonido of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Communications Museum, Porto Alegre, Antonio Berni Art Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, (2014).
 USA - (e)merge Art Fair, Washington DC (2014); Consulate of Argentina in New York, Consulate of Argentina in Atlanta (2015)
 Italy - Palazzo Ducale, Lucca, (2014) Still Photography Series Simples Relaciones Complejas (Simple but Complex Connections) “Simples Relaciones Complejas” of 2012 ranks among his most exceptional works because here he discards his characteristic urban landscape. This study was shot in the intimacy of his home using everyday utensils such as a fork, a knife and a spoon on a white tablecloth. Sergio Castiglione peruses the existential condition through an intense description of human relationships in today´s world. Right up front, this series looks like a black and white photo study; however, these are color photographs of practically single-color objects. Looking up close, color can be discovered in sparkling lights and reflections of the sky on the silverware.

    Detailed Description : Photographer-Architect

  • Andres Compagnucci  (+)

    Biography : Born in La Plata, Argentina in 1966, Andrés Compagnucci is known as the artist who introduced hyperrealism in Argentina in the 1990s. He earned his degree as a Graphic Designer at Universidad Nacional de La Plata in 1992, and two years later, he was awarded a scholarship by Fundación ROA to work together with the contemporary artist Guillermo Kuitca. He studied painting and drawing with Carlos Pacheco, and decorative art with Armando Miotti, experiences that help him achieve remarkable skills. His oil work displays a flawless technique and a great attention to detail. So much so, that it has been displayed in distinguished international art fairs: BASEL-Miami (2003, 2004), and ARCO-Madrid (1998, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005). He has also participated in group exhibitions all around the world like Vienna, Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Miami and Marbella.

    Exhibition : Exhibitions 2016. Now Gallery. Miami. FL. (USA). 2015. Del Paseo Gallery. Manantiales (Uruguay). 2015. Zavaleta Lab Gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2013. Summer Salon Show 2013 - Rarity Gallery. Mykonos (Greece). 2011. Now Gallery. Miami. FL. (USA). 2011. Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes. La Plata (Argentina). 2011. Colección Gomez. Porsche Museum. Stuttgart (Germany). 2011. “Arte+Tango”, Zurbarán Gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2010. Holz Gallery in ArteBA. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2009. Sokoa Gallery. Madrid (Spain). 2008. DPM Gallery in Arte Americas. Miami. FL (USA). 2008. “Seis realistas de España”, Albermarle Gallery. London (UK). 2007. DPM Gallery. Miami. FL (USA). 2006. Ruth Benzacar Gallery in Arte Americas. Miami. FL. (USA). 2005. Sannmer Gallery, Marbella (Spain).

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Andres Compagnucci - Flores Flores

  • Juan Del Balso

  • Juan Lascano  (+)

    Biography : Realist painter born in the city of La Plata, Argentina, in 1947. His parents, sensible and art lovers, discovered his abilities at an early age. Even though pursuing a Law degree was the family tradition, they never hesitated about encouraging him. During his adolescent years, he took classes with Victor Puig. In 1966, he travelled to Spain, and it was at Museo del Prado were he found out an artwork by the great master of Realism: Diego Velázquez. Fascinated by the magnificent canvases and the light reflected on the bronze textures, he decided which path to follow. When he was 20 years old, he presented his first exhibition. He has done over 50 individual shows. Author of still life, nudes and landscapes works, he is also well known for his portrait paintings. He has been living in the Argentinean Patagonia since 2006.

    Exhibition : Exhibitions 2016. Solo exhibition “Patagonia” at Zurbaran gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2016. Solo exhibition “Patagonia” at Zurbaran gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2015. Solo exhibition “Bodegones” at Zurbarán, Buenos Aires. 2013. Solo exhibition at Zurbaran gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2012. Solo exhibition at Zurbaran gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2012. Solo exhibition (watercolors) at Zurbaran gallery. Santa Fe (Argentina). 2011. Solo exhibition at Zurbaran gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2010. Solo exhibition at Zurbaran Pilar gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina).

  • Nataiia Sanchez Valdemoros  (+)

    Biography : Natalia Sánchez Valdemoros was born on August 5th, 1981 in Mendoza (Argentina), city where she stills resides. Even though, in 2006 she obtained her degree as Architect at Universidad de Mendoza, she had already decided to become a full time artist long before. Since then, her life and passions have been connected to art. In painting, she acknowledges as masters Guillermo Garrido and Martín Villalonga, whim whom she studied for 10 and 3 years, respectively. “Being mentored by these artists has been a pleasure. They have taught me wonderful things and I am eternally thankful…”, expressed Natalia. Within the scope of the art world, she admires Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso as fathers of the modern art, and Joseph Beuys because of his conceptual nature, his performances and happenings. Around the middle of 2012, she moved her studio to the city’s Cultural Center, where numerous workshops and courses for children and adults take place. In her new studio, where she works the majority of the day, she paints, prepares installations, studies new techniques, plans, dreams and defines her art. Sometimes, she expresses herself in works that are “clean of ideas”; however, she also offers conceptual works in which she considers the esthetics to be subordinated to the message provided. In her series “Fachadas” (Facades), the artist reflects on the “proximity and distance and, at the same time, on people, human relationships and their contradictions. The idea is to show that windows are very near one from the other; however, people are disconnected from each other. Each person lives in a different world, despite being next to each other…” In her diverse series, with courage and disposition, Sánchez Valdemoros’ work presents itself transparent, with nothing to hide, and in a clear reference to the artist’s personality. Awards 2013. Chosen as one of the “35 young promises under 35 in Argentina” by Forbes Magazine. 2009. Special Mention at X

    Exhibition : Exhibitions 2016. Group exhibition “The Best of the Year”. Wynwood 28 | Art Gallery. Miami. Florida. (US). Art Basel Week 2016. 2016. Group exhibition “Realismo Argentino”. Zurbaran Alvear gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2015. Group exhibition with the artist Claudio Barragan. Alvear de Zurbarán Collection. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2015. Solo exhibition. "Mendoza Eterna" El Enemigo Winery. Mendoza (Argentina). 2014. “6 relatos 6 artistas”. Espacio Killka. Mendoza (Argentina). 2014. Solo exhibition “Globalización vs. Identidad”. Park Hyatt’s Gallery. Mendoza (Argentina). 2013. Solo exhibition "Reflejos". Zurbarán Gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2013. Solo exhibition. Zurbarán Gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2012. Group exhibition “Nuevos Talentos” Zurbarán Selection. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2011. Group exhibition “Juego de Damas”. Navarro Correas Winery. Mendoza (Argentina). 2011. Selected for "Intervención de Esferas" Intercontinental Hotel (Mendoza) 2011. Group exhibition. Bolsa de Comercio. Mendoza (Argentina). 2010. Group exhibition “Tripartita”. Diplomatic Hotel. Mendoza (Argentina). 2009. Solo exhibition “Noches de Arte”. Legislatura de Mendoza (Argentina). 2009. “Luján es Otoño” XII Painting Hall. Casa de Fader Museum. Mendoza (Argentina). 2008 Group exhibition “El Encuentro”. La Garita Gallery. Mendoza (Argentina).

  • Enrique Testasecca  (+)

    Biography : Enrique Testasecca was born in Mendoza (Argentina) in 1974. In his early years, he studied architecture at University of Mendoza, graduating in 1994. Two years later, his passion for art became stronger when he decided to change his career path. Therefore, he attended the Art & Design Faculty at National University of Cuyo (UNCuyo) from 1996 to 1999. At that moment, Enrique was working as the Heritage’s Manager at Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes “Emiliano Guiñazú” (Casa de Fader), which is the major art museum in Mendoza. During that time, he learnt how to be an art restorer, as he started to develop his creative art work. By the year 2000, he moved to Buenos Aires and began to work at Foundation Elia-Mario Alberto Robirosa, a remarkable art gallery in Argentina´s capital city, known all over Latin America. It was there where Enrique, by participating in some of the many art fairs that took place both, in Buenos Aires and other cities of South America, gained expertise as a gallerist. After 4 years, he returned to Mendoza and re-launched his projects as an artist. He was part of the team that worked in the complete restoration of the murals of Fernando Fader, one of the major artists in Argentina. It took over 2 years to have the job done. It was key to his career being part of Kilka (Espacio Salentein), the new venue for Art exhibitions in Uco Valley, Mendoza. Currently and since 2006, Enrique has been working as a Curator and Mounting’s Chief at Museo del Área Fundacional of Mendoza’s City Hall. By the end of 2014, Testasecca joined Wynwood 28, a US art gallery that is representing him in some international markets. A few months ago, he exhibited his art series named “Payunia & Estepa”, in Manhattan. It was his first activity as a Wynwood 28’s international artist. The critic Alfredo Cernadas, from the Buenos Aires Herald, said about his art work: “Although Testasecca uses quite an almost monochromatic palette, he is an ou

    Exhibition : 1996/1998: “Enrique Testasecca. Pinturas”. Museo del Área Fundacional. Mendoza (Argentina). 2003: “Paisajes del alma”. Liquid Design Space. Buenos Aires. (Argentina). 2004: Museo del Area Fundacional. Mendoza (Argentina). 2006: “Paisaje interior”. Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno. Mendoza (Argentina). 2006: “Paisaje interior”. Centro Cultural Estación San Martín. San Juan (Argentina). 2007: “Arte y Vino”. Bodega Zuccardi. Mendoza (Argentina). 2010/2011: “Registros cuyanos”. Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2011: “Registros cuyanos”. Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno. Mendoza (Argentina). 2011: “Registros cuyanos”. Centro Cultural “Amadeo Conte Grand”. San Juan. (Argentina). 2012: “Registros Cuyanos”. Museo Contemporáneo de Salta. Salta (Argentina). 2015. “Paisajes del alma”. Espacio Kilka. Bodega Salentein. Mendoza. (Argentina). 2015: “Payunia&Estepa”. Pier 92/94. Manhattan. New York. (US). 2015: “Opening Exhibition” on Art Basel’s Week. Wynwood 28 Gallery. Miami (US). His expertise in the galleries and museums 2015-Current: Wynwood 28 Art Gallery. Director. 2005 -2012: Area Fundacional Museum. Curator, person in charge of the assembling, actualization and change of script. General Coordination “National School Agustin Alvarez Exhibition” Killka Espacio Salentein Museum. Art Assistant. Design, Contemporary and Patrimonial Art Exhibitions Assembling Cataloging, Killka Collection 2000 -2004: Alberto Elia y Mario Robirosa Foundation Art Gallery. Recoleta, BuenosAires. Work performed: in charge of the art works’ reserve and assembling assistant. Cataloging of the argentine contemporary art collection, reconditioning and organization of the reserve. 2001- 2002: Coordination and assembling of the stand during the Arte BA fair. 1994 -1999: Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, Emiliano Guiñazú, Casa de Fader. Work performed: Assembling

    Detailed Description : Enrique Testasecca is an artist of a naturalistic kind. He has managed to capture the essence of the deserts and the Andes mountain range landscapes. The environments created with his acrylics on canvas perpetuate the ambience of those places. The artist wants his artwork to make us think of Nature as the window to our internal landscape

  • Mark Vassallo  (+)

    Biography : Mark Vasallo is best known for his mesmerizing Flowers photographs that captivate audiences with the dynamism they present and the tension that exists between the complexity and the simplicity of their beauty. He was born in 1971 in London, and while he was a student at St. Martins he came into contact with the ink paintings of the Chan monks who brought what would later become known as Zen Buddhism from China to Japan. It was in 1992 when he moved to Japan and found a temple to experience it at first hand. This is where his inspiration came from. Since then he has devoted his time to photography, creating unique pieces that have caught the attention of people all around the world. His work has been exhibited at various museums and galleries such as the Kaleidoscope Museum Kyoto, the National Portrait Gallery in London and Frederick Harris Gallery in Tokyo. Vasallo’s artworks have been celebrated in art fairs all around the world, including Art Expo New York, World Wide Art Los Angeles and Asia Contemporary. With his most recent work Flowers the artist not only attempts to visually represent the subject in front of his camera, but also attempts to transmit a direct experience of a flower, showing its function as well as the fleshiness of the petals with their individual texture and transparency. A remarkable display where the artist connects deeply with his subject, dissolving the illusion that separates the viewer from the viewed. No wonders why this incredible work has been published by Omoplata Japan. Awards 1992 Cohn & Wolfe Award London 1999 Kiyosato Photo Art Museum Japan- Young Portfolio Award  2008 Art Directors Club 87th Annual Awards New York- Merit Award    2011 Taylor Wessing London– Elle Commendation

    Exhibition : Exhibitions 1996 Zeit Foto Salon 1999 Kiyosato Photo Art Museum 2008 Sin Aoyama 2010 AzabuHaus 2011 Fireking Cafe 2011 National Portrait Gallery, London 2013 Kaleidoscope Museum Kyoto - Kyotographie+ 2013 Art Expo New York, Asia Contemporary 2014 Affordable Art Hong Kong. 2014 Affordable Art Singapore, World Wide Art Los Angeles, Art San Diego 2015 Fireking Cafe, Frederick Harris Gallery , 530 Park Shibuya 2015 PDNB Gallery Dallas (USA), Picture This Gallery (Hong Kong) 2016 Solo exhibition. “Flowers”. Wynwood 28 | Art Gallery. Miami. Fl. (US) 2016 Group exhibition. “The Best of the Year”. Wynwood 28 | Art Gallery. Miami. Fl. (US). Publications 2014 Vassallo, Mark. FLOWERS published by Omoplata Japan Collections Cohn and Wolfe collection London Kiyosato Museum of photography Various Private Collections ,

    Detailed Description : Photographer Artist visual

  • Luis Wells  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1939 in the city of Buenos Aires, Luis Wells is an Argentinean artist whose work encompasses paintings, sculptures, architecture and design. He is a pioneer in the art of objects and assemblages where he uses waste material. Some of his most famous creations are the objects that he calls Toys, with interchangeable pieces, and his Techos (Roofs): abstract works where he plays with white in its majority and a variety of bright colors. At the age of 19 together with Alberto Greco y Kenneth Kemble, he established the Informalist Movement, which includes the Abstract and Gestural movement developed in France and the rest of Europe after WWII, in parallel with Abstract Expressionism movement developed in the USA. During these past 55 years, he has been part of over 400 exhibitions in Argentina, his country, and abroad in countries such as the United States, Spain, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

    Exhibition : MAIN EXHIBITIONS ABROAD MoMA, New York (USA). Bronx Museum of the Arts (USA). The Chase Manhattan Bank, EE.UU. Center of Inter-American relations, New York (USA). Museo de Arte Moderno, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Museo José Luis Cuevas, D.F. (Mexico). Museo de Arte Americano de Maldonado (Uruguay). Museo de Arte Moderno, Asunción (Paraguay).