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A unique blend of contemporary elements that make the paintings stimulating, unique and interactive. Creativity meets great execution.

Untitled, Orange Cyclinder -  Judy Stabile

Judy Stabile Untitled, Orange Cyclinder
Signed, verso, Judy Stabile. Acrylic, laquered-ink on glass, w/metal leaf applied by hand

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  • Rodolphe Hammadi  (+)

    Biography : Rodolphe Hammadi ... Rodolphe Hammadi was born in 1958 in Moselle (North East of France), from an Algerian father and a German mother. At 16, he studies electromechanical engineering and works in a coal mine. At 18, the military service allows him to choose a distant assignment (he will never return to his native region). After his military service, he joins the Paratrooper corps and fly to Reunion. Two years after, he leaves the army and goes to Paris, where he is hired as an assistant in 1979 in the Studio Urphot. Eric Jantzen, photographer and professor of perspective at the University Paris VI, teaches him the basics of photography in general, and architectural photography in particular. It is also in Paris that he has key encounters: he becomes the friend and assistant of the painter Corneille (founder of the COBRA group), of the photographer Irina Ionesco and of the sculptor and designer Pucci de Rossi, with whom he works for 15 years. As a photographer, he produces numerous books and exhibitions on architectural topics in France and abroad, especially in Brazil where he lives from 1997 to 2003 in the small town of Goias Velho (in the Western Central region). He is very interested in the Brazilian people and produces several photographic series on different topics: women in their homes, craftsmen, landless farmers, a psychiatric hospital, people sleeping in the streets… It is in his workshop in Goias Velho, in 1999, that he starts creating furniture and other objects. He works there on his personal approach as a sculptor, inspired by the great variety of wood offered by this country of adoption. His work starts to use recovered glass or metal objects.* In 2003, during a photo coverage for French and Spanish magazines, he meets the sculptor Frans Krajcberg, whose work he admires. He then moves to Marseille where he has been living since, with his partner and their child. The weapons have been designed and produced in Marseille. ** * Http://

    Exhibition : Women Marseille in their homes. Exhibition of photographic portraits and video interviews at L’Espace Culture Marseille from 22 September to 31 October 2011. Inventory. Exhibition of photographs and singular objects: Atelier de la Capelette May-June: Sculptures: 2009 Quebradeiras Photographic exhibition about the difficult working conditions of women exploiting palm nuts (Babaçu) in the Central West of Brazil. Exhibition organized by the Region Paca and the Community 13 for Women's Rights. March 2007: at the Phalanstère, Marseille. April 2007: both at the Centre Fleg, in Marseille and at the Lycée Français of New York. In May 2007: at the Cinema Latina (Paris) with the Jangada Association and the Simone de Beauvoir Paris Audiovisual Centre. / Doors of the Tolerances Photographic exhibition at the Cultural Jew Center of Marseille. January 2005. Goias Velho: Heritage and religion Photographic exhibition as part of the Year of Brazil, organized by the Réunion des Musées Nationaux in Paris-Bercy Village. April-June 2005. Ordem e Progresso. Photographic exhibition as part of the Year of Brazil, organized by the General Council of Bouches du Rhône at the Espace Ovoid in Marseille in September 2005. Ordem e Progresso. Photographic exhibition as part of the Year of Brazil, organized by the AFAA in their premises in Paris from October to December 2005. Kaleidoscope Exhibition of sculptures and pictures, organized under Djazaïr a Year of Algeria in France by M Gallery, Paris 2003 Objetos do desejo (Objects of desire: furniture and sculptures) Meta Gallery-29 in Sao Paulo, Brazil 2000 and French Alliance Goiania, Gallery Do Beco Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro 2001 Capital forgotten Belem, Manaus, Sao Luis Exposure to the House of Latin America, Paris 1996; At the Biennale de Lyon 1996;

    Detailed Description : Mixed-media sculpture

  • Michael Mapes

    Biography : Michael Mapes, b.1962 1966 - painted first documented portrait (family) on non-archival paper 1969 - first family vacation - watching jets take off and land at St. Louis airport 1979 - decided not to attend Rhode Island School of Design 1984 - BFA from the University of Illinois 1984 to 1986 - worked in the Chicago design firm Mobium with Ralph Eckerstrom, former design director for Container Corporation and founder of Unimark International 1986 to 1989 - worked in the NYC design firm Bonnell Design Associates with such clients as Knoll, Herman Miller, Michael Graves Architect, Williwear Willi Smith 1989 to 1990 - contemplated in Boston, Chapel Hill and then Urbana, IL1990 - formed the product development company MINC, created and produced products for direct mail, retail and museum stores. sold several hundred thousand shirts and enjoyed the rewards of a profitable, small, creative based business while it lasted 1991-1992 - MFA from the University of Illinois, chose not to pursue a career in teaching 2005 - returned to art 2008 - 2009 solo exhibits, Richland College, Decatur, IL, FlexSpace, Urbana, IL Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL 2010 - sold house and moved (not necessarily related to exhibits), lived in various places before moving to Croton Falls, NY 2011 exhibits - Terrible Twos - Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ Outsiders & Objects - Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ 2012 exhibits and art fairs- We Find Our Way- Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ Scope, Miami, FL 2013 exhibits and art fairs - solo show, Schoolhouse Gallery, North Salem, NY group shows, Victorious, Chelsea NYC Raw Art, Rotterdam NL Scope, NYC KunstRAI, Amsterdam NL 2014 group exhibits - “Face to Face, Wall to Wall”, Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, MT Ampelhaus, Berlin, "Cut-Copy-Paste" Beers Contemporary, London "Revisiting the Golden Age" Pulchri Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands curated by NL=US 2015 relocated studio

  • Kerry Miller  (+)

    Biography : KERRY MILLER "I am passionate about my work and, being a perfectionist, am slightly obsessive about getting the detail just right" After many years of working with collage and mixed media, British artist Kerry Miller began exploring ways in which she could make use of old, discarded books. She experimented with dissecting and rebuilding them to produce the unique assemblages in her 'reimagining the book' series. For each piece she works on, Kerry uses only the illustrations found within that particular book, having first removed the written word. Colour is added using inks or watercolours where she considers that they will enrich and enhance the final effect, adding a sense of depth and energy. These intricately worked 3D books provide tantalising glimpses into a rich past, becoming miniature worlds that allow the viewer to simply tumble into them. The books she uses are variously sourced and carefully selected for their illustrations and character, whilst taking into account her perception of how the finished piece will look. She uses only old books as they lend themselves to this treatment in a way that modern books do not. "I enjoy the fact that I can even make use of books in a condition which most people would dismiss as unusable. For instance, I discovered an 1868 copy of Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management in a junk shop. Although complete, it was little more than a pile of loose pages held together with an elastic band. Inside, however, the lovely illustrations were revealed to be in perfect condition. The rugged and gnarled appearance of the book has been carefully preserved, which I believe greatly enhances the character of the finished piece". Kerry views her work as a collaboration, a partnership with the past, giving new purpose to old books that may otherwise never see the light of day or simply end up in recycling. "As technology threatens to replace the printed word, there has never been a better time to reimagine the bo

    Exhibition : Selected Museum Group Exhibitions: Museum of the Gulf Coast, Port Arthur, Texas Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson Wildling Museum, Solvang, California Newington-Cropsey Foundation, Hastings-on-Hudson, New York Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma National Museum for Women in the Arts, Washington D.C.

  • Andrew Myers

    Biography : BIOGRAPHY Andrew Myers was born in Braunshweig, Germany, and raised in Ciudad Real, Spain. He now resides in Laguna Beach, California, where he has lived since attending the Laguna College of Art and Design (formerly the Art Institute of Southern California). The first time he set foot in the classroom, he was amazed to see students depicting live nude models in clay; a seemingly archaic art form he had only seen in books. Distinct. Expressive. Tactile. These are perhaps the three most fitting words to describe Andrew’s unique brand of contemporary artwork. But linguistic descriptions fail to adequately capture the progressive mixed media works he creates with screws, oil paint, charcoal, bronze, cement, and found objects. To truly experience Andrew’s art, it must be seen and even touched. One of the artist’s favorite memories was watching a blind man experience his work for the first time. As the man ran his hands over a large three-dimensional portrait tediously constructed with tens of thousands of screws over hundreds of man hours, his blank expression suddenly transformed into a warm smile. He could feel what others could only see. Artist as Translator, Not Creator Andrew does not consider himself a “creator” of art. As a man of faith, he believes that God is the only one with that privilege. Rather, his role as an artist is to enter that lonely, honest, painful place most of us spend our whole lives hiding from. Once there, he harnesses his creativity and technical abilities to translate authentic emotions, fragmented thoughts, and fleeting moments into timeless, tangible expressions of love and loss. Screw by Screw Though Andrew is best known for his time-intensive screw pieces, his work spans multiple genres and mediums, including sculpting, painting, and drawing. He most enjoys fast, expressive pieces like charcoal sketches, yet at the same time, feels that true art requires struggle, energy, time, and sacrific

  • Judy Stabile  (+)

    Biography : Judy Stabile's paintings and sculptures are exhibited in many prominent private and corporate collections worldwide. Her work can be seen in New York, London, Taiwan, Paris, Japan and her native state, California among other locations Born in Los Angeles, Stabile attended the Chouinard Art Institute from 1968-1971, where she was exposed to the light and space movement. In the early seventies Stabile found mentors in the hard-edged abstractionists Lorder Feitelson and Helen Lundeberg. Their faith in geometry and a neo-constructive approach confirmed Stabile's formal sensibilities. She moved to her Venice studio in 1973 and has been well established in the California and International art world since her first exhibition at the Molly Barnes Gallery in 1984. Judy is known for her use of robust geometric shapes and luminous colors. Stabile is now creating a collection of 'cutout' glass and aluminum wall sculptures while continuing to expand and develop her iconic cone series. Her "cylinder paintings" were recently exhibited at the 2013 'Art Miami' Art Expo. Judy Stabile now works out of her studio in Culver City, California. "My approach to painting is instinctual. I like colors and shapes that exist in nature; the cone, the triangle and cylinder. To me it's all about creating an equilibrium and integrating that 'geometric interplay' with emotional and sensual expression." PUBLICATIONS Italian Architectural Digest; (Photo) 'Suite of Birds' January 2004, California Homes, Cover, February 2003; Home and Architectural Trends, (Photo) p.64, Volume 18, No. 2; 2002 Architecture, (Photo) 'Birds' Powered Up' Roto Commission; Reges / Carlson Breakout House, Feb.1998 Macomber, Bill; Art Talk, Gender Bias in Art; 1998 Architectural Digest: 'Landmark Los Angeles Homes' Lloyd Wright, Michael Webb; July 1995 History of Chouinard Art Institute: Robert Perine -1989 Designers West: ' Life Works with Judy Stabile' Sept. 1984 Designers West: (Photo) 'Danny' 1984 Lasarow, Bill; Art Scen

    Exhibition : SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: 2014 Melissa Morgan Fine Art / Palm Desert, California 2013 KM Fine Arts / Chicago, Illinois Art Miami / Miami, Florida 2008 -2011 Melissa Morgan Fine Art / Palm Desert, California 2004 Skidmore Contemporary Art / Los Angeles, Californi 2002 Skidmore Contemporary Art / Los Angeles, California 2001 Oceanside Museum of Art - Group Show / Oceanside, California Skidmore Contemporay Art / Los Angeles, California 2000 Skidmore Contemporary Art / Los Angeles, California 1999 Skidmore Contemporary Art / Los Angeles, California 1998 L.A. Current, UCLA - Armand Hammer Gallery Diane Nelsen Fine Art / Laguna Beach, California 1997 Female Perspective, UCLA - Armand Hammer Gallery Diane Nelsen Fine Art / Laguna Beach, California 1996 Diane Nelsen Fine Art / Laguna Beach, California Deanna Miller Fine Art / Santa Monica, California 1995 Valerie Miller Fine Art / Palm Desert, California Deanna Miller Fine Art / Santa Monica, California 1994 Valerie Miller Fine Art / Palm Desert, California 1993 Valerie Miller Fine Art / Palm Desert, California 1992 Light and Space - Valerie Miller Fine Art / Palm Desert , California 1991 Valerie Miller Fine Art / Palm Desert, California Trans America Pyramid / San Francisco, California 1990 The Works Gallery / Costa Mesa, California 1989 The Works Gallery / Costa Mesa, California California Eclectic - Trans America Pyramid / San Fransisco, California 1987 Bank of Los Angeles / Hollywood, California 1984 Molly Barnes / Los Angeles, California 1983 L.A. Six, Gensler and Associates / Los Angeles, California 1982 Molly Barnes / Los Angeles, California Carl Bornstein Gallery / Santa Monica, California 1981 '24 From Los Angeles' - Barnsdall Municipal Gallery / Los Angeles, California 1979 Carter - Sarkin Gallery / Los Angeles, California

    Detailed Description : Acrylic, laquered-ink on glass, w/metal leaf applied by hand

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Judy Stabile - Untitled, Orange Cyclinder Untitled, Orange Cyclinder