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Bertrand Scholler   (Director)


Bertrand Scholler and Hans Mautner have, between them, more than 60 years of career experiences, as
banker, senior executive, and financial and strategic consultant, and have contributed to the development of international companies, as well as meeting and collecting contemporary artists.
Since 2013, they have partnered in 55Bellechasse to participate in the emergence of fifteen international artists, with an approach that endeavors to combine some of the historic and traditional aspects of the art dealer’s profession and a more entrepreneurial and international approach to the issues which have been influencing this business for at least a decade.

In 2016, 55Bellechasse opened a Gallery in Miami (american subsidiary); in 2017 we will also open a foundation in the USA (foundation to support young emerging artists from all over the World, invite them to workshop and sometimes buy their prominent pieces and showcase them in exhibition within a network of partner galleries and/or institutions).

Untitled - Jon DAVIS

Jon DAVIS Untitled

Basquaty face -  Jason NEWSTED

Jason NEWSTED Basquaty face

Icare - Pascal VOCHELET

Pascal VOCHELET Icare

La Sentinelle  - Diadji DIOP

Diadji DIOP La Sentinelle

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Niloufar BANISADR  (+)

    Biography : Niloufar Banisadr was born in Tehran in January 1973.She lives and works in Paris. She studies at first the photography to Azad's university in Tehran, where her work is sometimes censored. Thus, she came in France to study visual arts in Strasbourg, photography to Spéos in Paris, then to école des Gobelins in Paris.

    Exhibition : Fairs in 2017 Art Miami (Miami, USA) Fotofever (Paris, France) YIA Art fair Paris (Paris, France) Cube Art fair Brussels (Brussels, Belgium) Contemporary Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey) Cosmoscow Art Fair (Moscow, Russia) Seattle Art fair (Seattle, USA) Art Market Hampton (Hampton, USA) Art Pampelonne Saint-Tropez (Saint-Tropez, France) Art Salzburg contemporary & antique (Salzburg, Germany) Scope Basel (Basel, Switzerland)   YIA Art Fair Basel (Basel, Switzerland) Photo London (London, UK) Art New York (New York, USA) Art market San Francisco (San Francisco, USA) YIA Art Fair Brussels (Brussels, Belgium) Aipad (New-York, USA)

    Detailed Description : Her works are exposed all over the world (France, the United States, Netherlands, Iran, Turkey, Dubai, Brazil, Argentine), as well in galleries as in institutions. She also works since 2013 as artistic director of the Gallery 55Bellechasse

  • Christiaan CONRADIE  (+)

    Biography : Christiaan Conradie was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. At the age of three his family relocated to the coastal city of Cape Town and it didn’t take him long to develop a deep love for the ocean as he grew up surfing around the beautiful beaches of the Cape peninsula. He started painting at a young age and first began exhibiting in local galleries at the age of 19 while studying art direction and design. After a 2 years stint in advertising he left the industry behind to focus on his painting. Christiaan has since exhibited internationally including solo shows in Barcelona, Mexico City, Cape Town and San Francisco. Surfing, travel and music is what inspires him most. He is currently based in Mexico City, and true to his character is unsure of how long he’ll be there for. "I’m enjoying all the opportunities and the people here in Mexico, I just need to get down beach."

    Exhibition : Fairs in 2017 Art Miami (Miami, USA) Sofa Chicago (Chicago, USA) YIA Art Fair (Paris, France) Cube Art Fair Brussels (Brussels, Belgium) Contemporary Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey) Art market Hamptons (Hamptons, USA) Art Salzburg (Salzburg, Austria)

  • Jon DAVIS  (+)

    Biography : Jon Davis began his professional career as a carpenter. Then, he turned to painting. He told me that his teachers described his work as being in line of Lucian Freud’s works. What many would have accepted as a compliment, deeply disturbed Jon. Like many others, without denying the great masters of the more or less recent past, nor their influences and references, Jon was sure he had a style and an approach as personal as his need to paint, draw and sculpt, which has always been part of him. From our first exchange, I felt that, and when I visited his studio after seeing some pictures of his works, I must admit that a form of eagerness to defend and present the work of Jon came over me. His sketchbooks, installations and collages, all of them attracted my eyes and sharpened my curiosity. Each, according to the wish of Jon Davis, made me travel between familiar images, art or media icons and "family" images as those of an "unknown” family life, which could be mine, or his, and ultimately, it did not matter. Indeed, it was all there: emotion, surprise and, ultimately, unexpected and powerful works. Jon wished to join 55Bellechasse. Fairly quickly, with Hans, we wanted to offer him a contract. Like him, who found, by chance of a trip into town, a suitcase full of photographs that was to change his life and, in any case, give meaning to all his researches, we considered that it could be one of the missing links of 55Bellechasse. Follow us and you will know what the future will tell.

    Exhibition : SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2015 Context Art Miami, Gallery 55 Bellechase (Miami, USA) YIA Art Fair, Carreau du Temple (Paris, France) Art Silicon Valley, Gallery 55 Bellechase (San Mateo, USA) Art Southampton 55 Bellechase Galaria (Southampton, USA) Art Miami NY, Gallery 55 Bellechase (New York, USA) 2014 Art Miami Kavachnina Contemporary (Miami, USA) 2013 Art Miami Kavachnina Contemporary (Miami, USA) Art Wynwood Kavachnina Contemporary (Miami, USA)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Jon DAVIS - Untitled Untitled

  • Diadji DIOP  (+)

    Biography : Diadji Diop was born in Dakar, Sénégal, in 1973. He lives and works in Paris. Diadji Diop arrives in France in 1994, with the aim of training himself in cartoons. In the preparatory class, he discovers the many potentialities of sculpture and changes paths. His passion for cartoons and cinema will still nourish his work, whether at the realistic level or in his sometimes narrative-sized installations. In 1995, he joined the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and successively participated in the workshops Bruno Lebel and Richard Deacon. Graduated with the congratulations of the jury in 2001, he participated in the Félicités exhibition in 2002. He has exhibited at the Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery, the Villette, the Dakar Biennale and the Visual Art Festival 'Abidjan. His work is crossed by questions of identity, exile and violence. Privileging realistic forms, he questions human relationships, reveals the painful interiorities without ever falling into the pathos, with humor, force and sometimes derision. His work is a call to dialogue, to sharing, beyond the color of the skin, the borders or the trades of hatred.

    Exhibition : Fairs in 2017 Art Miami (Miami, USA) Sofa Chicago (Chicago, USA) YIA Art Fair (Paris, France) Cube Art Fair Brussels (Brussels, Belgium) Contemporary Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey) Art market Hamptons (Hamptons, USA) Art Salzburg (Salzburg, Austria)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Diadji DIOP - La Sentinelle La Sentinelle

  • Janos Kalmar  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1952, Budapest. Between 1973 and 1978 he completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw Poland), later at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, making further studies in Paris 1983, London 1984, Switzerland 1989, and India 1990. In 2011 he received the degree of Doctor of Liberal Arts, DLA, at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. Since 2011 he is living and working mostly in Paris.

    Exhibition : Fairs in 2017 Scope Basel, Galerie 55 Bellechasse (Basel, Switzerland) Art Wynwood, Galerie 55 Bellechasse (Miami, USA) Art Boca Raton, Galerie 55 Bellechasse (Florida, USA)

  • Tomasz KANIOWSKI  (+)

    Biography : Tomasz Kaniowski is a painter. He was born in 1975 in Warsaw, Poland. He lives in the South of France. After receiving his Master's Degree in Art in the Department of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland in 2002, he obtained a nine-month French government scholarship and an artist's residence at the Ecole Superieure d ' Art of Aix-en-Provence, France in 2003. In 1998, he obtained a Distinction in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. A few years later, he received a Distinction of Artistic Work from the Atelier des techniques murales in Warsaw, Poland. In 2010, he is Finalist of the ArtFloor.com Platinum MasterCard® Award. In 2014, he joined the 55Bellechasse Gallery.

    Exhibition : Fairs in 2017 Art Miami (Miami, USA) Biennale d'Issy (Issy-les-Moulineaux, France) Yia Art Fair #09, Gallery55Bellechasse (Bruxelles, Belgium) Yia Art Fair #08, Gallery 55Bellechasse, (Maastricht, Holland) London Art Fair, Gallery 55Bellechasse, (London, UK)

  • Jonas LERICHE

    Biography : Authenticity and artificiality   Even at a young age I was fascinated by the beauty of nature, and it has exerted an elemental pull on me ever since. This authentic experience stands in shrill contrast with the world in which I have lived and worked for the last decade, a world dominated by mere appearance, social media posturing and superficiality. The driving force behind my work is the desire to inject the rawness of nature into the seamless, controlled perfection of my photographs in order to undermine the facile gaze of viewers unaccustomed to scratching any deeper than the surface.   Photography is just a medium   Transforming emotions, intentional or unconscious ideas into gripping images: this is what matters to me. Constructing my photographs layer by layer, with meticulous attention to detail, I compose my vision of beauty. Taking the actual photo is but the final stage of a long, deliberate process, punctuated by flashes of inspiration. This is why I consider myself an art director first, and then a photographer.  

  • Milan MEDIC  (+)

    Biography : Guest artworks Bio CV slideshow Milan Medic goes on his own path. Sensitive, he sometimes looks for some encouragement, exchanges, but he continues his road, certain of his role and his destiny.   Thus, he is not afraid of being shamed, the contrary because if one reacts to his work, one saw it.If seen, it will make it way to his return.   Over the months, after our first meeting rather disconcerting, I discovered a proud and touching individual.   Milan Medic works tirelessly, he paints, glues, sculpts, draws, he also cuts, molds and shares. Milan's work is, for me, comparable to a sociologist's,or even an ethnologist's, who would not go seek in distant places and isolated subjects research. Milan speaks bluntly about us, like a scientist.The artist, having studied coding, is interested in hard facts, in their mechanics. He does not care for makeup, no formulation or clever convolution to provide an acceptable face to his daily life, in our daily life. His works are crude and often brutal, almost unbearable, and certainly excessive.    For Milan Medic, in our world, the first, the strongest, the smartest are always better served. He sometimes offers pieces of his artworks. But what do we want? as each contain a "Frankenstein" of our inhumanity, he sees fat and bloated? How could we take only one end, when we want everything and refuse to share? The demonstration is made, it is "all or nothing"! Yet, the idea pleases.   His series "as the white" is fascinating, especially this portrait of an african whose face is bleached by a barcode, contrary to what would the prison bars on a pale face do. Brilliant!   Then he changes the subject, after consumption, he paints about social networks. Pinging!   Some see in his work a Freud, I find there a Brueghel, a Matthias Grünewald, or in another artistic style, Michael Moore.Milan Medic is an artist to be discovered and the first will be best served. Take one piece and do not be afraid to share (...

    Exhibition : 2000 – 2003 Atelier de l’artiste – architecte René Boss au Pecq 78230. 2004 - 2008 Etudes pluridisciplinaires à l’école des Beaux Arts de Versailles* en gravure– peinture –sculpture. *Obtention du diplôme avec mention bien. 2009 Collaboration avec la galerie Estace PARIS 3eme. 2010 – 2012 Voyage en Chine 'Shanghai' . 2013 Mai : Exposition collective au squat d’artistes de la rue Stendal PARIS 20eme. Septembre : journée du patrimoine à Versailles, réalisation d’une œuvre en live durant deux jours. Octobre : Exposition personnelle aux Beaux Arts de Versailles « A VENDRE » 2014 Mars : Salon Ddessin (Stand BAB’s Galerie) Paris 75002. Avril : Salon Art XXI à Etrechy 91. (Prix de la ville) Mai : Portes ouvertes du Chêne (Stand BAB’s Galerie) Juin : Exposition personnelle à la BAB’s Galerie à BAGNOLET. 2015 Mars : Salon Ddessin (Stand BAB’s Galerie) Paris 75002. Juin : Exposition au carré du Louvre (Bab's galerie 75007 Paris) Juin : vente aux enchère a Rossini Drouot (oeuvre tickets de métro) Juin : Exposition personnel au centre culturel Etrechy 91 2016 Mars : vente au enchère caritative à Cannes au profit des inondations de 2015(oeuvre I WANT TO BE YOUR PRESIDENT FOR A NIGHT) Avril : expo FACE2 à la galerie Bellechasse 55 - 75007 PARIS mai : expo Welcome à la Bab's galerie - 75007 PARIS Juin : vente aux enchère a Rossini Drouot (oeuvre chiwawa) Décembre : exposition de groupe "Christmas Time 4" à la galerie Bellechasse 55 PARIS 75007 Décembre : expostion de groupe a la galerie 55 MIAMI pendant SCOPE MIAMI 2017 janvier : exposition a miami galerie 55 bellechasse avril : ART MARKET SAN FRANCISCO (55 bellechasse) juillet : ART MARKET HAMPTONS (55 bellechasse) aout : SEATTLE ART FAIR (55 bellechasse)

  • Jason NEWSTED  (+)

    Biography : We are pleased that Jason has agreed to become part of the 55Bellechasse’s adventure. He was born in Michigan, and now has workspaces in California and Florida, USA. Jason is best known for his career as bassist and vocalist for Grammy Award winning, Hall of Fame Artists, Metallica. He was indeed a member of the world’s most successful heavy metal band from 1986 to 2001 and was part of both recording and touring for the legendary ...And Justice For All LP and the ground-breaking Black Album. While retaining his interest in music, Newsted has now focused most of his attention and considerable energies on visual arts. He already got extensive interviews and articles in the USA and France dealing with the new focus for his career and it is in line with our belief : Jason Newsted could become as famous for his paintings and drawings as he is for his music and vocal skills. Jason will be celebrating his 55th birthday and 55 Bellechasse its 5th anniversary, in March 2018: a wonderful alignment of the stars for those of us who believe in the positive karma of the number 5. We look forward to sharing a special celebration together. But now it is Art Miami 2017 and Jason Newsted’s art is surrounded by pieces made by 7 other members of the 55B’s team: Niloufar Banisadr, Christiaan Conradie, Jon Davis, Diadji Diop,Tomasz Kaniowski, Jonas Leriche and Pascal Vochelet.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Jason NEWSTED - Basquaty face Basquaty face

  • Elodie PIERRAT  (+)

    Biography : When she graduated with the best mention from Condé’s schools (Paris) in photography, Elodie Pierrat was then trained by the Australian photographer Vee Speers after her studies.   "Elodie Pierrat seeks to understand herself, her identity, her roots and sometimes this pain buried deep inside of her. This reflects on her research on deportation and the death camps. Her attention to these testimonies shapes her ability to put words onto her inner scars. Furthermore, Elodie immerses us into a research on life before birth and this particular place of the liquid element.  The play of light, the fuzzy or anguished side of water’s aspect between the subject and the photographer contributes to the originality and poetry of her photos that are born from her bathing and which each time reveal a little of her and also our identity. "   Bertrand Scholler

    Exhibition : 2017 FotoFever (Paris, France) 2016 Scope (Miami, USA) Fotofever, Carrousel du Louvre (Paris, France) YIA #07, Carreau du temple, (Paris, France) Art Copenhagen art fair, (Copenhagen Denmark) Solo project art fair (Basel, Switzerland) Group show, Galerie 38 (Paris, France) YIA #06, (Brussels, Belgium) Art Wynwood, ( Miami, USA) 2015 Fotofever, Carrousel du Louvre (Paris, France) Art Silicon Valley (San Francisco, USA) Art Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark) Duo Exhibition (Paris, France) Exhibition during : les Itinéraires photographiques en Limousin (Limoges, France) Art Paris, Grand Palais, (Paris, France) 2014 SCOPE Miami Beach (Miami, USA) Fotofever, Carrousel du Louvre, (Paris, France) Exhibition for : Mois de la Photo at the Galerie 55Bellechasse (Paris, France) PRICES AND AWARDS 2015 Laureate Thousand and one oasis with the Biennial of Photographers of the Arab World at the IMA and the MEP. 2014 Winner of the "Rencontres d'Arles" contest published in the magazine "Réponses photo" Winner of the Bill Viola contest, projection at the Grand Palais of the video "Eaux Précieuses" with the stylist Hélène Montenot as part of the Exposition Bill Viola.

  • David RAMIREZ GOMEZ  (+)

    Biography : Davis is a Colombian painter, he was born in 1981. He has been living in Denmark about 8 years and is married to a Danish woman. he experiments with a wide range of materials and it is important for him not to be limited by them. He is very interested in pushing the inherent boundaries in the materials and break traditional conventions which he sees as an alienating part of the work. He is very enthusiastic about working with recycled materials found on the street because they already hold a story, they have already been in contact with other people. He does many different types of works; paintings/drawings, animation films, installations, performances etc... It is essential to him to work with human emotions as a theme; collective and general feelings but from a self-referential standpoint in which he uses his own experiences as a driving force. In his paintings and drawings he have used the portrait genre as a medium of communication for several years. he “collects” faces from the everyday people and use them to express his own feelings which are not only concerned with his own life but also relate to our collective life in society, the legislation regarding immigration that affect so many lives including his own.

    Exhibition : Fairs in 2017 Art Miami (Miami, USA) YIA Art Fair (Paris, France) Art market Hamptons (Hamptons, USA) Art Pampelonne (Saint-Tropez, France) Scope Basel (Basel, Switzerland) Art NYC (New York, USA

  • Hui SHEN

    Biography : Hui Shen graduated from the prestigious school of photography the Gobelins (Paris). As a student she collaborated with various magazines and published at the age of 25 the cover for The Bund Magazine (China). Always revealing the beauty of her surroundings, Hui Shen noticeably distinguishes herself with the poetic and the delicacy of her pictures.   She dedicates part of her photographic work in fashion with the sensitivity that animates her. Personality figures and trade names have been associated to her work such as Madame Figaro (China), Femina (France), L'OFFICIEL (France), Grazia (China), Christian Dior or CHANEL. Throughout the years and her dedication to her work, she gained recognition and became the personal photographer of famous models and celebrities.In 2011, she won the Potocki Photo Prize from the CCI Paris Ile-de-France in the category “Alternative process”. The same year she exhibited her first solo show during the Rencontres d’Arles.   Ever since, Hui Shen has devoted herself to visual research and themes such as identity and the representation of femininity. Her artworks can be seen in prestigious fairs and events such as:Art Paris Art Fair, Art New York, Art Copenhagen, Art Basel the sole project, Scope New York, Art Southampton, Art Wynwood / art Miami, Art Palm Beach, Art Basel Miami Context, Fotofever Paris Carrousel du Louvre, Art Fair Cologne, Art BASEL SCOPE, Galerie 55 Bellechasse. Etc.

  • Vladimir SULYAGIN  (+)

    Biography : House artworks Bio CV press slideshow Vladimir Sulyagin is born in 1942 in Nijni Taguil, industrial city in Russia. He studied at Fine Arts School of Moscow. Then, he worked for ten years in the regional section of The Union Artists. In 1985, he became an independant artist. He was a teenager when Stalin died. He grew up in an universe of shadows where the censoreship prevailed. His work is the result of his countries’ history. Through his numerous collages, we notice his admiration for writers, poets or philosophers. We we ask him : « Why did you make the portrait of Marina Tsvetayeva first ? », he answered « Because I loved her, I loved her for the poet, the philosopher and the passioning humain being she was. » After being censored in the beginning of his career, he gained a reputation. Collages, ceramics and paintings of Vladimir Sulyagin are now covering famous museums’ walls, starting with the Royal Festival Hall in London. We can also find his pieces all around the world : Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Pouchkine Fine Arts Museum in Moscow or the Tate Modern in London. The communist past and the history of his country have created a forgotten generation who are currently rediscovered.

    Exhibition : Born in Nizny-Tagil Russia in 1942 EDUCATION 1972 Stroganov University (Moscow,Russia) Now works with: painting, architectural art, murals, sculptures, collage portraits, books in a style that he characterizes as Art Epica, Figurative and Abstract SELECTED GROUP EXPOSITIONS2017Art Miami ((Miami, USA)2016Cube Art Fair Bruxelles (Brussels, Belgium) COLLECTIONS The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow, Russia) The State Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia) J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles, USA) East – West Gallery (London, England) Lyrik Kabinett Foundation (Munchen, Germany) In private collections in UK, Australia, Germany, Izrael, Italy, Canada, USA, Finland, France, Sweden. AWARDS AND COMPETIONS 1996 Laureate of the United Nations Painting Competition (European jury) (Moscow, Russia) BIBLIOGRAPHY "PAPER SPIRITS collage portraits by Vladimir Sulyagin Introduction by Hilary Spurling", 1992, Hardcover – 96 pages, Publisher – Chatto & Windus The book contains portraits of Pasternak, Tsvetaeva, Mandelstam, Mayakovsky, Eisenstein, Dostoevsky, Akhmatova, Sakharov, Joyce, Baudelaire, F. Bacon and many more.

  • Pascal VOCHELET  (+)

    Biography : Pascal VOCHELET is a 40 year old French painter. After schooldays and studies in Normandy at the College of Architecture, Pascal is admitted at the Plastic Arts University of Amiens. Pascal Vochelet is a painter who practices his art, and always keeps working with shapes, colors and matters. His relentless production and expression is what leads him to constantly transcend his limits. A long way has been covered since his first paintings with an apple for a model until his recent historical Collages: their saturated and exhilarated universe, located « somewhere between childhood stories and the human comedy » puzzles us with all that is undefined in him: dreams or nightmare hints? Who knows? His paintings are arranged in different series that develop not by successive fits, but like the branches of a single tree, where faces, lives and scenes of life are swarming watched from afar with humour and tenderness, but with no effusion, fed by childhood recollections as well as by pictures gleaned when thumbing through a magazine : hands, heads, figures, groups of people set out on the canvas spark off the picture that the work of the painter will reveal by linking between them all these fragments. In his series « Familiarities and Ascendance », his look concentrates on one character, at times, two or three, and he becomes the portrait painter of a human kind he portrays without the least complacency: pieces and bits of bodies are transferred, printed, clipped, and and stuck on the support medium; often, the faces are painted rhodoïd masks fitted on the canvas and stuck on preexisting bodies. Just like in dreams, the images may recompose to produce more significant ones. The world of Vochelet becomes at times more silent. The drawings of the series Punk Attitude inscribe on a blank sheet of paper animal heads on sketches of bodies with, as an amulet, the small skull that can be seen in the series « Vanity Fair », a tongue-in-cheek hint at the name of a famous

    Exhibition : Fairs in 2017 Art Miami,  (Miami, USA) SOFA Chicago (Chicago, USA) YIA Art Fair(Paris, France) CUBE, Art Fair (Brussels, Belgium) Contemporary Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey) Cosmoscow (Moscow, Russia) Seattle Art Fair (Seattle, USA) Art Market (Hamptons, USA) Art Pampelonne (Saint-tropez, France) Art Salzburg (Salzburg, Austria) Scope Basel (Basel, Switzerland) YIA Art Fair Basel (Basel, Switzerland) Art New York (New York, USA) Art Market, (San Francisco, USA) YIA Art Fair (Maastricht, Holland) Art Miami (Miami, USA) Art Palm Beach (Palm Beach, USA)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Pascal VOCHELET - Icare Icare