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French Bulldog  -  Electric Bubble Gum  - Marc  Lipp

Marc Lipp French Bulldog - Electric Bubble Gum

My Way - Marc  Lipp

Marc Lipp My Way

Flying Love - Butterflies White on White - Joel  Amit

Joel Amit Flying Love - Butterflies White on White

Oceania - Iris Eshet Cohen

Iris Eshet Cohen Oceania

Meditation Series - Cameron - David Schluss

David Schluss Meditation Series - Cameron

Contemporary - Karl  - Sveta Esser

Sveta Esser Contemporary - Karl

David Love - Marc  Lipp

Marc Lipp David Love

Meditation Series - Indigo - David Schluss

David Schluss Meditation Series - Indigo

New Humanism - Iris Eshet Cohen

Iris Eshet Cohen New Humanism

Contemporary - Liberty Enlightening The World - Sveta Esser

Sveta Esser Contemporary - Liberty Enlightening The World

Teddy Bear - Hearts & Candy - Marc  Lipp

Marc Lipp Teddy Bear - Hearts & Candy

Here Comes the Sun - Joel  Amit

Joel Amit Here Comes the Sun

Exhibiting Artists

  • Joel Amit  (+)

    Biography : Joel Amit, born in Jerusalem in 1982, resides in his homeland where he is noted as both a brilliant designer and artist. After receiving his degree in architecture from the Bezalel Arts and Design Academy, the industrious Amit spent the next five years planning and building students and artists’ villages in the Negev desert. His experience in the south constructing residences, particularly his interest and knowledge of the properties and different uses of building materials, manifested into his creating wonderful two dimensional wall sculptures from metal and wood. Amit’s experimentation and success in the repetitious application of unconventional small pieces of materials, as concrete, wood, piping, cardboard and paper, to form large structures, is the same concept he uses for his animate stills of moving butterflies, fish, birds, and feathers. Together we see the repetition and positioning of the same small delicate creature, painted in a bright mix of colors as our eye views the larger image created with them, such as hearts, words, instruments, animals, or bridges. Influenced by nature and its coexistence with the computerized world, Amit created his “staccato” movement, a representation of the beauty and spontaneity of life to the edgy digital plastic age. Each vibrantly painted metal piece is strategically set in planes of space and become magical in with rhythmic energy. Amit finds the contrast and process of forming heavy and cold steel into graceful, flowing works of art “liberating”. Joel expresses, “I am always in search for an extra dimension, a hidden layer, and to challenge the eye; and it is my sole wish to share it with others.”

    Artist's Objects:

    • Joel  Amit - Here Comes the Sun Here Comes the Sun
    • Joel  Amit - Flying Love - Butterflies White on White Flying Love - Butterflies White on White

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  • Iris Eshet Cohen  (+)

    Biography : IRIS ESHET COHEN The newest works of Iris Eshet Cohen, her “Colors of Life” series, are a collection of colorful acrylic paintings created in her painterly application of robust colors and linear definition of movement and texture. The paintings are manifestations of her diverse artistic skills, and the spiritual transcendence of her passion for the pure and simple. Iris always pursued with aesthetic sensitivity that clearly draws from her experience in the field of body makeup, as well as make-up for theater and television. Iris Cohen evolved as an artist from years working in the Paris and Israel theater and film industry as a make-up and special effects artist. Inspiration comes from her extensive travels and studies of the arts throughout the continents. She completed her studies in Paris in 1987 and worked as a make-up professional manager for an international makeup company (Shiseido) based in Japan. In 1989 she opened her first art studio, combining her knowledge and experience in the cosmetics industry, with her love for sculpting clay and painting. Iris pursued various techniques and mastered in the ceramics wheel, templates’ development, core foundation of ceramics technology and completed various studies and related techniques for manual sculpture, mosaic and paint works. A master in many mediums, Cohen has culminated her knowledge and filled her canvases with an exciting freshness of splendorous meandering forms. “Art does wonders for all of us and it is essential for the soul and the soul base of each and every one”… Iris Eshet Cohen, Artist EXHIBITIONS 2018 – Scope Art Miami Beach 2018 – Art Boca Raton 2018 – Art Wynwood Miami 2018 – Art New York 2018 – Artexpo New York 2017 – Red Dot-Art Spectrum Miami 2017 - Art Expo New York 2016 – Blue Galleries, Florida 2016 – Art Expo New York 2015 – Art Expo New York 2014 – Art Expo New York 2013 – Casa Sefarad, Israel – Madrid, Spain 2013 – Art Time Gallery, Dan Hote

    Artist's Objects:

    • Iris Eshet Cohen - New Humanism New Humanism
    • Iris Eshet Cohen - Oceania Oceania

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  • Sveta Esser  (+)

    Biography : Born in Russia in 1975 into a well-to-do family, Esser studied art from an early age just like any girl from a good family. Encouraged by her parents, she studied art at the Yekaterinburg College of Art in the Russian Urals, a place known for its scenic beauty. While attending college, where she earned her first art degree, she met and later married fellow artist Alex Pauker. After graduating, she and Alex began a new life in Israel where they live in an artists’ village in Haifa. Always in search of new inspiration for their work, they travel the world. On one of these earlier journeys, Esser discovered the beautiful scenery of Europe and there she enrolled in a student exchange program. She remained there for several years until she earned her second art degree. During her studies she also gained experience working as an illustrator and a creative consultant at a publishing house. Esser says of her work, “The colorfulness of the countryside, the flowers that never stop blooming, and the sunshine all influence my paintings and the colors I decide to use.” Within her work that she creates only with a palette knife, one can detect the influence of Cézanne, himself a palette knife artist, particularly from his later body of work painted in the South of France with its controlled subtle surfaces and increasing use of primary colors, their division and related tones. Esser’s use of color and color tone is a dominant sensation and means of expression in her work, where color temperature corresponds to a mood of both the physical world and the painting. Working with her palette knife, Esser mixes her colors before she puts them on the canvas. And, depending on the light she is capturing in an individual painting will use oil or acrylic. Using old techniques, her works are nevertheless a symphony of contemporary colors. The moment she starts work on a painting she is lost in its substance. She says, “It doesn’t matter what’s going on around m

    Artist's Objects:

    • Sveta Esser - Contemporary - Liberty Enlightening The World Contemporary - Liberty Enlightening The World
    • Sveta Esser - Contemporary - Karl Contemporary - Karl

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  • Marc Lipp  (+)

    Biography : Marc Lipp, born 1962 in North Babylon, New York was always drawn to art from a young age. He started experimenting with drawing and painting and learned how to do airbrushing to make extra money as a teenager. He furthered his art education when he attended college at the prestigious Pratt Institute of Art & Design in Brooklyn, NY. Learning all forms of art during his studies, he was still drawn to his roots as an airbrush artist. He started working at street events and then moved up to the Jersey Shore and Wildwood, NJ. He learned how to do custom artwork and graphics on Bikes, Choppers, Autos, and then moved into large scale Murals. In 2004, Marc decided to trade in the bright lights of New York for the sunny life of South Florida to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. Combining his love of art and creative skills, he has created a series of Painted and lacquered Bronze Dog Sculptures. His newest venture is creating mixed media graffiti paintings on canvas and metal. This fun combination of classic art skills mixed with the street art of today is a unique blend of modern POP! Marc says, “ART, has always been the main element in my life and when I take on a project, my goal is to give the client a product that is what he wanted as if he was able to paint it himself.” See the exclusive Blue Gallery collection of Painted Bronze Sculptures and Mixed Media Paintings by Marc Lipp at

    Artist's Objects:

    • Marc  Lipp - Teddy Bear - Hearts & Candy Teddy Bear - Hearts & Candy
    • Marc  Lipp - David Love David Love
    • Marc  Lipp - My Way My Way
    • Marc  Lipp - French Bulldog  -  Electric Bubble Gum French Bulldog - Electric Bubble Gum

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  • David Schluss  (+)

    Biography : A R T I S T B I O G R A P H Y David Schluss, born in 1943, began studying art at an early age. He was fascinated by form and texture even as a child and as a young boy was eager to paint. He attended school in the ancient city of Jaffa, the historical seaport in central Israel. It was there that the mystical walls of the city and the austere religion of the historic churches, temples and monasteries captivated him. It was during these early years in Israel that Schluss sensed his overwhelming desire to paint. Unable to afford the necessary painting materials as a young artist, Schluss began sketching with charcoal and cheap pencils. He gave his sketches away to anyone who showed interest in his work. His main objective was the development of his craft. During his early 20’s, Schluss and his family migrated to Montreal, Canada and in 1969 he enrolled in the renowned art school “Ecole des Beaux Arts.” Soon after, he began teaching private lessons to other students of the school. In 1971, he pursued his interests in art education at the University of Sir George Williams in Montreal where he earned his fine arts degree. Influence from great masters such as Chagall, Miro, and Botero inspired Schluss to create his own individualized style and technique of painting. He began experimenting by using different techniques. Once when working on a painting he created an area on the canvas which he did not like. As artists do, he grabbed a rag to wipe the area of its image and in the process made an accidental discovery. The image that he had created by using his hands and a rag was far more interesting than what he had created with his brush. It was this lucky accident that prompted Schluss to start painting with his hands. Since that fortuitous day, the Israeli-born artist has never looked back and continues to this day to paint his works by using no paintbrush or spatula. He explains, “I must feel and sense the canvas as it takes its personalit

    Artist's Objects:

    • David Schluss - Meditation Series - Indigo Meditation Series - Indigo
    • David Schluss - Meditation Series - Cameron Meditation Series - Cameron

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Other Represented Artists