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William FInlayson   (Director)

Jamnea Finlayson   (Owner/Gallery Director)


JF Gallery is a Contemporary Art Gallery that was established in Palm Beach County, Florida in 2003. It is currently located in the Heart of South Dixie's 'Antique Row, Art & Design District' A National destination for Art and Antiques, just a small bridge ride over from the Island of Palm Beach. JF Gallery exhibits new work by each of their nationally and internationally celebrated painters and sculptors, including Cecil Touchon, Wesley Kimler and Maximo Caminero.

N/A - Cecil  Touchon

Cecil Touchon N/A

PDP393ct09 - Cecil  Touchon

Cecil Touchon PDP393ct09
Collage on Canvas
33 x 44.25

Aretha Franklin - Christina Major

Christina Major Aretha Franklin
Oil on Canvas
58 x 58

AHA MOMENT -  William Finlayson

William Finlayson AHA MOMENT
Acrylic & Neon on Panel
36 x 40

PDP409ct09 - Cecil  Touchon

Cecil Touchon PDP409ct09
Acrylic Painting on Panel
30 x 40

PDP382ct08 - Cecil  Touchon

Cecil Touchon PDP382ct08
Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 36

PDP598ct13 - Cecil  Touchon

Cecil Touchon PDP598ct13
Acrylic on Panel
44 x 66

George Michael - Christina Major

Christina Major George Michael
Oil on Canvas
48 x 64

Exhibiting Artists

  • William Finlayson  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    •  William Finlayson - AHA MOMENT AHA MOMENT

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  • Christina Major  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Christina Major - George Michael George Michael
    • Christina Major - Aretha Franklin Aretha Franklin

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  • Clemente Mimum

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  • Mirtha Moreno

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  • Cecil Touchon  (+)

    Biography : Cecil Touchon Born 1956 Austin, Texas is a contemporary American collage artist, painter, published poet and theorist living in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Co-founder of the International Post-Dogmatist Group, Touchon is director of the group's Ontological Museum, Founder of the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction and founder of the International Society of Assemblage and Collage Artists. In 2005 an exhibition was held in Cuernavaca, Mexico entitled "Cecil Touchon - Thirty Years of Fluxing Around" in which art works and scores dating as early as 1975 were exhibited showing the fluxus tendency in Touchon's work over the last thirty years. Touchon has never been formally associated with the Fluxus group until the year 2000 with his participation in the Fluxlist - an email group where the current generation fluxus artists interact and collaborate. In 2002 Touchon, with a number of other artists from the Fluxlist established the Fluxnexus - a group of artists working together on various new Fluxus projects including a new Fluxus performance workbook. In 2006 Touchon established the FluxMuseum in order to assemble and archive samples of works by contemporary 21st Century Fluxus artists. The central focus of the Fluxmuseum has been the creation of Fluxus related publications and curating and mounting international exhibitions of Fluxus art called Fluxhibitions. Touchon co-founded the International Post-Dogmatist Group (IPDG) in 1987. Primarily an alternative to a post-modernist view of the world, the group's writings suggest that creativity and artistic pursuits must be based in a recognition of the spiritual underpinnings of all human activities. The IPDG addresses itself to the art world through a presentation of itself as the 'official avant-garde' creating an elaborate bureaucratic structure of outlandish sounding offices through which the various members communicate simulating 'the establishment' as a form of parody. Touchon’s works are in

    Artist's Objects:

    • Cecil  Touchon - PDP598ct13 PDP598ct13
    • Cecil  Touchon - PDP382ct08 PDP382ct08
    • Cecil  Touchon - PDP409ct09 PDP409ct09
    • Cecil  Touchon - PDP393ct09 PDP393ct09
    • Cecil  Touchon - N/A N/A

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Other Represented Artists

  • Maximo Caminero

  • Wesley Kimler

  • Mary Lou Siefker