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Finally Finished 1 -

Finally Finished 1
Finally Finished is an etching made from a copper plate. The work began 17 years ago, when Serra first made a drawing of the image using molten Paintstik. Sometimes his original drawing is on paper, sometimes it is on mylar plastic, in this case the original drawing was actually made on a piece of metal. The drawing was then hung and brightly lit in order to highlight all of the drawing’s surface topography and texture. A photograph of the drawing was then turned into a plastic “negative.” A photographic emulsion is applied to a copper plate (like a piece of photo paper), the mylar negative we made is applied to the surface, and the plate is exposed to light. The plate is then processed in an acid bath, and the thicker areas bite into the plate deeper than the less thick areas. The plate is then “fixed” (similar to the photography process) at the correct moment and used to make the prints.
Below are images of the actual printing of Finally Finished. In the first image, the etched copper plate is inked up, wiped by hand, and placed on the press bed by the Master Printer Xavier Fumat. Dampened custom Hiromi paper (Japanese paper made from mulberry trees) is then laid on top of the etnire plate. In image two, a cushioned blanket gets spread out on top of the paper, along with a greased tympen so the pressure is distributed evenly over the inked plate when it is run through the press.
In image three, the tympen and the blanket are removed, and in image four, the Master Printer along with printing assistants carefully peel back the print from the copper plate. Most of the ink has now been transferred to the dampened paper via the pressure asserted from the press. This print is stapled to a board to dry for at least 1 week, then transferred to our curating department for inspection and cutting it to size. After all prints in the edition are complete, Richard signs and numbers the works. After that, we mark up the plate and create a “cancellation proof.” The plate is then destroyed so these prints can never be made again.

Study for Calvin Klein -

Study for Calvin Klein
This work is a study for a larger Painting by the artist.

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