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Since 2010, Markowicz Fine Art Gallery has showcased an array of established international artists such as Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselman, Damian Hirst and Fernando Botero in addition to emerging artists with exceptional creative talent such as Richard Orlinski, Idan Zareski, Carole Feuerman, Metis Atash and the up and coming street artist, Kai. Markowicz is also the exclusive US agent to French artist, Alain Godon, showcasing works that represent his innovative Bildoreliefo technique. Located in the heart of the Miami Design District, Markowicz Fine Art Gallery has become a premier destination to visitors from all over the world.

N/A - Gaspard Mitz

Gaspard Mitz N/A

Cara Delavigne - Arno Elias

Arno Elias Cara Delavigne
ounded by Artist and wildlife Photographer Arno Elias, I’m Not a Trophy is an organization that is dedicated to creating greater awareness for the rapid extinction of endangered species around the world. I’m Not a Trophy believes in creating a visually unique campaign and by captivating an audience we can help educate the younger generation and attract people to the cause. We believe, public opinion can change the course of our vanishing wildlife on earth. When the public demand change that should eventually lead to more successful policy. Please spread the word, your support is vital to our mission to protect these wild Animals and to secure a brighter future.

Exhibiting Artists

  • Arno Elias  (+)

    Biography : Arno Elias was born in Paris, France. He is a multi-talented music composer, painter, photographer and activist Elias is the Founder and Photographer of I'm Not a Trophy, an organization that is dedicated to create greater awareness for the rapid extinction of endangered species, Featuring Super model and Actress Cara Delevingne as the first-ever brand Ambassador, The Global Launch in June 2016, achieved World-Wide recognition from top editorial outlets Elias was chosen by Brigitte Bardot to compose music for the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, which was created to help protect animals from abuse. Elias is also known for his compositions and productions of the globally renowned Buddha Bar music. He produced and composed world hit songs such as Amor Amor and El Corazon He also composed the Musical Score for the United Nations Organization in New-York, a Campaign for UNICEF called "For every Child" with recording artist Shakira Elias’ creative talents did not stop at his prodigious musical career, but continued into his artistic career, leading him into the world of painting and photography. Working alongside Jean Paul Gaultier and Mario Testino in the fashion industry further Influenced and informed his creative direction. In 2011 Elias started "The Lost Series." The collection is a crystallization of Elias' mixed-media techniques and the powerful images he captured during his solo world photographic tour. To date Elias has exhibited in Paris, New York, Miami, Chicago, Basel, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dubai, St Barthelemy, Aspen, Singapore. Elias’ focus is to continue traveling the world, using his artistic expression to create beautiful works of art.

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    • Arno Elias - Cara Delavigne Cara Delavigne

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  • Stephane Gauthier

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  • Gaspard Mitz  (+)

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    • Gaspard Mitz - N/A N/A

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  • Richard Orlinski  (+)

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Other Represented Artists

  • KAÏ  (+)

    Biography : Native Angeleno artist Kaï, first pursued his passion at the young age of 14, and the streets of Los Angeles became his canvas. Four years later, he accepted an offer to study at California Institute of the Arts, the leading school in contemporary art, and L’ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Kaï is recognized for his ability to convey a powerful message through any medium and his unique style and social commentary continues to set him apart from other street artists. He has been featured on covers of newspapers and magazines worldwide in recognition of his work.

    Exhibition : Kaï b. 1992 Los Angeles, California U.S.A. Lives and works in Los Angeles, California. | EDUCATION 2011-2012 California Institute of the Arts 2012-2013 L’École des Beaux Arts SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2016 Modern Relics Markowicz Fine Art, Miami, Florida 2014 Now Royalty Miami 2013 Lost Values LAB Art Los Angeles, California Exhibit Louvre Rivoli (Illegal) Paris, France Now Royalty Los Angeles, California 2012 Now Royalty SXSW Austin, Texas GROUP SHOWS 2018 Art New York, New York, New York The Bushwick Collective, Brooklyn, New York 2017 Scope NYC, New York, New York Context NY, New York, New York Art Aspen, Aspen, CO ComplexCon, Miami Florida Context Art Miami, Miami Florida 2015 FAAM Urban Art Auction Miami, Florida The revolution Wall Street Gallery New York, New York 2014 Art Basel LULU, Miami, Florida LAB Art Grand Opening Texas Tagliatelle Group Show New York, New York LAB Art Group Show, Los Angeles, California Studio Bancs Group Show 2013 Art Basel LULU, Miami Florida Tagliatelle Group Show New York, New York 2012 LAB Art Group Show Los Angeles, California Under Ground Gallery Group Show LIMITED EDITIONS 2018 “The Only Lie” collaborative silkscreen print with Wrdsmth - Sold Out “Kai’s Grey Hoodie” limited edition silkscreened apparel - Sold Out “Kai Collection” limited edition slilkscreened decals - Sold Out 2017 “Love Vs Money” silkscreened print - Sold Out “Kai X Champion” silkscreen Champion apparel - Sold Out “Love Vs Money” limited edition Pintrill pin - Sold Out COMMEDATIONS 2016 Le Tourquet-Paris-Plage Artist Walk of Fame Inductee 2015 Canvas West Palm Beach Outdoor Museum “Best Of” winner PROJECTS 2018 “Kai X Aaron Kai Presented by Nice Kicks” mural in Downtown Los Angeles Mural at Sois 10 Ans, Kev Adams Pop-up Store in Paris, France “Balancing Act/Love Bomber” with special tribute to Lebron James, mural at Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, California “Kai X Aaron Kai” mura

    Detailed Description : Kaï continually promotes his social and humanist messages all over the world and namely in the streets of Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, Tel-Aviv, Amsterdam. His signature character, "IF", which stands for "Imaginary Friend" has no color, sex or race; nor physical or distinguishable traits which break all societal stereotypes and cultural divides. His desire to create a character that everyone can relate with, in order to help communicate the universal issues that tie cultures together, such as love, money, time, happiness, success and the environment has been quite successful.

  • Reine Paradis