Tom Hoitsma


Tom Hoitsma was raised in New Jersey 15 miles from New York City and
pursued a fine arts degree at Skidmore College. While at Skidmore, Tom
studied with world-renowned art historian and author Harry Gaugh PhD,
who was integral in fostering Tom’s interest and understanding of the
abstract expressionist painters.
While still attending college, Tom had the opportunity to intern with the
celebrated feminist artist Miriam Schapiro. His experience with Schapiro
would change the course of his work and continues to influence his
painting to this day. After graduating from Skidmore, Tom worked for the
prestigious Barbara Gladstone Gallery in New York City.
Working in the SOHO New York art scene of the early 1980s introduced
Tom to a huge group of up and coming artists including Jean-Michel
Basquiat, Keith Haring, Cindy Sherman and Jenny Holtzer, all of whom
showed at The Barbara Gladstone Gallery. However, his primary influences
continue to be the abstract artist he was exposed to in college, under the
guidance of Harry Gaugh PhD.
In the mid-1980s Tom moved to Dallas, Texas and began to also focus on
documentary filmmaking. In addition to his painting, Tom has produced a
variety of award-winning music television series including the documentary
series, “The Texas Music Scene,” which continues to air throughout the

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Tom Hoitsma - Landscape #54

Landscape #54

Tom Hoitsma - Landscape #55

Landscape #55

Tom Hoitsma - Landscape #50

Landscape #50