Susan Erony (Boston 1949 - )


Susan Erony was born in 1949 in Boston and has resided in Gloucester MA since 1995. She attended Rhode Island School of Design, Massachusetts College of Art, Lesley University, and the University for Humanistic Studies in Utrecht, Holland. She has consulted to organizations on issues of art and society, taught and lectured on both art history and art practice, and organized exhibitions. She is currently Visual Artist in Residence for the Gloucester Writers Center. Her art is in prestigious US and European collections and has been shown across North America, and Europe.

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 Susan Erony - Listening Ritual

Listening Ritual

 Susan Erony - Red Square (looking to Rothko)

Red Square (looking to Rothko)

 Susan Erony - Thirty-six Safe Places

Thirty-six Safe Places

 Susan Erony - The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

 Susan Erony - Flight