JM Robert


JM Robert was born and raised in Macon, a small country town in the French region of Burgundy in 1987. JM Robert started painting at a very young age before getting an Art and decoration degree at the Beaux-Arts School in Paris. He studied graphic design and décor at the Métiers d'Art in Paris where he learned and refined his technique, in particular, that of trompe l'oeil. Today he strives to create paintings that draw from his experiences from a young age, expanding into impressive and powerful canvases. His work is characterized by a pictorial act in two phases. He first uses different techniques such as graffiti, scratching and scraping with knives and trowels to mimic the effects of patina, dirt, and degradation. Following the fluidity of this first layer, a face begins to appear in the eyes of the artist before he begins to paint his muse. He then hand-draws this face in black to simulate stencil work.

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JM  Robert - “Après la Pluie” After the Rain, 2018

“Après la Pluie” After the Rain, 2018