Pascal VOCHELET ( 1973 - )


Pascal VOCHELET is a 40 year old French painter.

After schooldays and studies in Normandy at the College of Architecture, Pascal is admitted at the Plastic Arts University of Amiens.

Pascal Vochelet is a painter who practices his art, and always keeps working with shapes, colors and matters. His relentless production and expression is what leads him to constantly transcend his limits.

A long way has been covered since his first paintings with an apple for a model until his recent historical Collages: their saturated and exhilarated universe, located « somewhere between childhood stories and the human comedy » puzzles us with all that is undefined in him: dreams or nightmare hints? Who knows?

His paintings are arranged in different series that develop not by successive fits, but like the branches of a single tree, where faces, lives and scenes of life are swarming watched from afar with humour and tenderness, but with no effusion, fed by childhood recollections as well as by pictures gleaned when thumbing through a magazine : hands, heads, figures, groups of people set out on the canvas spark off the picture that the work of the painter will reveal by linking between them all these fragments.

In his series « Familiarities and Ascendance », his look concentrates on one character, at times, two or three, and he becomes the portrait painter of a human kind he portrays without the least complacency: pieces and bits of bodies are transferred, printed, clipped, and and stuck on the support medium; often, the faces are painted rhodoïd masks fitted on the canvas and stuck on preexisting bodies.

Just like in dreams, the images may recompose to produce more significant ones.

The world of Vochelet becomes at times more silent. The drawings of the series Punk Attitude inscribe on a blank sheet of paper animal heads on sketches of bodies with, as an amulet, the small skull that can be seen in the series « Vanity Fair », a tongue-in-cheek hint at the name of a famous fashion magazine.

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