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Milton Becerra (Tachira, Venezuela 08/10/1951 - )


Milton Becerra (born Tachira, August 10, 1951) He began exhibiting his works in 1970, while still a student at the Cristóbal Roja School of Plastic Arts in Caracas, from which he graduated in 1972.

In 1976, after a second solo exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas, Milton Becerra made a series of interventions in the landscape.

Milton Becerra’s first works appeared during the 1970s within this context. These works are located in diverse suburban areas of Caracas –in the imprecise boundaries that separate the metropolis, the forest or the pastures high up, in the banks of streams or in the last streets and rows of houses of the city, at Colonia Tovar or at La Mariposa dam. Although it is strictly a matter of actions and interventions, these pieces end up being a series of photographs which, more than a document, constitute an initial artistic and poetic approximation to that vision of nature and the territory as sacred spaces, conducive to mystical experiences and intersected by a memory of cultures of peoples who have been silenced or have disappeared. This starting point will later characterize, very profoundly, the body of his work

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