Jose Gonzalez Bueno ( 1957 - )


Jose Gonzalez Bueno was born in 1957 in Malaga. He went to the local art academy where he learned the fundamentals or drawing and painting, applying special emphasis to colour theory and composition. He then became fascinated with the medium of water colour as he realised that not only did it suit his extraordinary skill as a draftsman but also the tonal variations were infinite. It was not long before he had exhausted all the academy could teach him and so he began to study the technique of British 19 century masters and also the Viennese water colour painting of the same period.

In 1994 Jose was commissioned to paint several pictures of the Spanish Foreign Legion one of which was presented to the king of Spain, H.M. Don Juan Carlos 1. Since 1988 he has had over 25 solo shows in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Almeria, Granada, Seville and Malaga.

In 2010 Jose held an exhibition at Arthur Ackermann’s Gallery in London’s Belgravia. The show was a great success with five paintings being bought by the Royal house of Jordan and they are now hanging in the Palace in Amman. In In 2014, he had an exhibition in Malaga during Samana Santa and five of his larger paintings were bought by Antonio Banderas. The following year he was given the honour of being commissioned to design the poster for Malaga’s Samana Santa.

He still lives and works in Malaga, Spain.

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 Jose Gonzalez Bueno - Redencion