Jorge Enrique (Havana, Cuba 1960 - )


Jorge Enrique was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1960. His family left Cuba and lived in Madrid, Spain, and then moved to the United State. Enrique studied at the Alfred Glassel School of Art, Houston in 1991, before returning to Miami where he lives and works. With six solo exhibitions at Waltman Ortega, Enrique has shown his works worldwide, including Galerie Olivier Waltman in Paris, France; Galerie D.X. in Bordeaux, France; Art Paris, Paris, France; MUST gallery in Gordes, France; art fairs such as Art Paris, Art 14, Art London, Art Miami, Pulse New York and Pulse Miami, TX Contemporary, Art Chicago, Scope, etc. His works are included in important public and private collections such as The Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute in Bordeaux, France; La Fondation Villa Datris Museum in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France; the City of Angers, France; The Schlumberger Collection, San Antonio, TX; the Wargo & French corporate collection, Miami, Atlanta, and Los Angeles; and many others.

Work Selection

  Jorge Enrique - Mickey (Blue), 2018

Mickey (Blue), 2018