Jon Davis began his professional career as a carpenter. Then, he turned to painting. He told me that his teachers described his work as being in line of Lucian Freud’s works. What many would have accepted as a compliment, deeply disturbed Jon.
Like many others, without denying the great masters of the more or less recent past, nor their influences and references, Jon was sure he had a style and an approach as personal as his need to paint, draw and sculpt, which has always been part of him.
From our first exchange, I felt that, and when I visited his studio after seeing some pictures of his works, I must admit that a form of eagerness to defend and present the work of Jon came over me.
His sketchbooks, installations and collages, all of them attracted my eyes and sharpened my curiosity.
Each, according to the wish of Jon Davis, made me travel between familiar images, art or media icons and "family" images as those of an "unknown” family life, which could be mine, or his, and ultimately, it did not matter. Indeed, it was all there: emotion, surprise and, ultimately, unexpected and powerful works.
Jon wished to join 55Bellechasse. Fairly quickly, with Hans, we wanted to offer him a contract. Like him, who found, by chance of a trip into town, a suitcase full of photographs that was to change his life and, in any case, give meaning to all his researches, we considered that it could be one of the missing links of 55Bellechasse.
Follow us and you will know what the future will tell.

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