Heiner Meyer (Bielefeld 1953 - )


German Pop Artist Heiner Meyer has been delivering us freeze-frame glimpses of our national consumer psyche for nearly forty years. In this collection of new works, he presents an unbiased, outsider’s view of American Pop Culture through dynamic paintings combining the influential imagery of our lives. Unlike the Pop Art movement, which focused on the individual everyday object, Meyer’s work highlights the stream of juxtaposing visuals fed into our lives daily from the past and the present, which reflect upon who we are.
In his paintings, these images show up together through people and objects, seemingly chosen at random from the encyclopedic stream of the communal psyche’s visual feed. This feed, accumulated from a myriad of ever-present information portals from the television screen to the glossy magazine spread to the cinematic stage to the multimedia advertisement to the high speed internet site, is constantly imprinting upon us. Meyer’s paintings present a glimpse of any moment in time within that stream and the images both personal and non-personal that appear in that particular moment.
Pin up girls pose next to Mickey Mouse while socialite stars like Paris Hilton transpose against glamorous icons like Marilyn Monroe, leading us to draw our own conclusions based on individual perspective and personae. Flashy cars, the metallic glint of money, haute couture, the latest sought after product, and our celluloid heroes all show up to place us in our contemporary environment.

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