George Kuttinger (Munich 1972 - )


Influenced by his architectural education Georg Kuettinger (*1972, Munich) is reflecting
landscape imagery and its perception in his photoworks. Similar to the art of creating music
the title of the series “landscapes:remixed” describes the technique as well as the subject.
Combining simultaneities, rhythms and overlaps he is editing and compressing images as
possibilities of landscapes.

The project "landscapes:remixed" is an examination of perception, structure, rhythm,
density of space and time, horizons and - above all - stories of landscapes. The stories of
these landscapes are written by the constant change of its shapes and looks, created by
the melting of human impact with the formerly existing nature as well as the changes of
colors, time, seasons and light.

His large-format works are not mere depictions of an existing landscape but conceived as
a dynamic panorama. After working out the idea of a new work through preliminary studies
and sketches, the single photos - taken from different points of view according to the idea -
are given a new (and its own) context in the concept and the structure of the image. An
image is not understood as an isolated or static moment but part of the overall design and
structure of the artwork. These images are created analogously to the permanent change
of the context as well as the selective perception by the observer and the thus impressed
memory, creating a complex web of perspectives and overlaps.
The perspectives are stretched, shifted and compressed – remixed – by dissolving the
confines of a static space/time model while blurring the boundaries of the reality of the
places the single images are taken from and their possible perceptions.

His work has been shown internationally in Germany, United States, Italy, The
Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, South Korea, Switzerland and else. Kuettinger is
also being presented at contemporary art fairs in New York, Miami, Paris, Basel, London,
Toronto, Amsterdam, Zurich among others. He currently lives and works in Munich.

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 George Kuttinger - Salinas - whole day sequence

Salinas - whole day sequence