Gabriele cappelli


Gabriele Cappelli is a London-based mid-career artist born in Forlì, Italy in 1972. Cappelli discovered art at a very young age -- his grandfather was an architect and designer who inspired his passion for abstract art, and his uncle was the art critic Mario Verdone. Together, they introduced him to technical and theoretical art issues. His frequent trips to Rome as a child allowed him to spend time with his grandfather and fellow artists, and begin an inquiry that is still at the center of his practice. The artist writes: “I’ve always been close to the arts. Growing up in Italy I’ve always been surrounded by beautiful antiquities. Despite studying economics, when I moved to London in 1997, I decided to paint full-time. My goal was to create contemporary paintings that would celebrate all those colors and textures I remember from those Roman antiquities – a way to realize those most unique colors.”Cappelli is a painter in the modernist tradition, evoking a European sensibility and a reverence for beauty. His selective use of a soft, tonal spectrum make his paintings quite generous, perhaps due to his unabashed, yet sophisticated, celebration of color.

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