Debra Steidel (Arlington, VA 1956 - )


Debra Steidel’s career dates back to the American Craft Council shows of the 1990’s where she debuted her marine-inspired textural, ceramic sculptures and was widely represented by numerous international galleries. In the early 2000’s, Debra began to experiment with her now-famed crystalline glazes and continued to develop the form and sculptural aspects of her work.

Since 2003, she has been based just outside Austin, Texas helping establish the Steidel Fine Art gallery while incorporating new styles and techniques to continuously broaden her artistic vision.

 Debra Steidel has dedicated the last ten years of her artistic career to the perfection of the lidded vessel.

Debra’s recent work ushers a renaissance of the Art Nouveau period, when art was defined by organic forms, flowing curvature, and a philosophy of artistic liberty in conjunction with the natural environment. The composition of her ceramic carvings and ornamental lids are reminiscent of the works by French visionaries Émile Gallé and René Lalique. Yet she also shares the versatility of American designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, well known for his dedication to aestheticism, opalescence, and elegance. 

Debra Steidel’s self-taught style is also ever-present in the unorthodox porcelain sculptures that are crowned with intricate cast glass lids. The harmonious bond between the form of each vessel and the intricacy of each sculptural lid creates an alluring, natural vitality within the final piece. The beauty and purpose of Debra’s work tread the border between the archaic and the contemporary yet her pioneering spirit maintains a timeless essence.

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 Debra Steidel - Ocean Azure

Ocean Azure

 Debra Steidel - Cornu Glaciei

Cornu Glaciei