David Schneuer (Poland 1905 - Israel 1988)


Polish artist David Schneuer was born in Poland in 1905 and passed away in Israel in 1988.
Part of the burgeoning German Expressionist movement and highly inspired by the birth of print lithographs and advertising posters, Scheneur’s most noted work depicts the subtly colored, exuberant, and sensuously refined characters and social settings of 1920s Paris.
In 1933, Schneuer was arrested by Hitler’s forces and imprisoned in Dachau. Because of his work for the Muenchener Schauspielhaus on the graphic design of theatrical posters for productions such as Brecht’s Threepenny Opera, he was considered a cultural revolutionary. After his release, he emigrated to Palestine and settled in Tel Aviv to paint.
Schneuer’s works can be found in permanent collections around the world including the Muenchener Stadtmuseum, Spertus Museum, Chicago, Boston Fine Art Museum, Vancouver Museum of Art, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv Museum, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Vancouver Museum, the Bass Museum, Miami, and the Joensuu Art Museum, Finland.
Schneuer was the original documentarian of the French café and bar scene – articulating his life there onto paper from within rather than just romanticizing the era from afar like so many other artists of our time.

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