David RAMIREZ GOMEZ (El Penol, Colombie 1981 - )


Davis is a Colombian painter, he was born in 1981. He has been living in Denmark about 8 years and is married to a Danish woman.

he experiments with a wide range of materials and it is important for him not to be limited by them. He is very interested in pushing the inherent boundaries in the materials and break traditional conventions which he sees as an alienating part of the work. He is very enthusiastic about working with recycled materials found on the street because they already hold a story, they have already been in contact with other people. He does many different types of works; paintings/drawings, animation films, installations, performances etc...
It is essential to him to work with human emotions as a theme; collective and general feelings but from a self-referential standpoint in which he uses his own experiences as a driving force.

In his paintings and drawings he have used the portrait genre as a medium of communication for several years. he “collects” faces from the everyday people and use them to express his own feelings which are not only concerned with his own life but also relate to our collective life in society, the legislation regarding immigration that affect so many lives including his own.

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