Arturo Fermandois (Chile - )


Arturo Fermandois Santa Cruz (1989) is an architect dedicated to the abstract digital art. He has studied in USA, Italy and in his home country, Chile.

The practice of the architecture and his depictional language where the starting point for his explorations in the realm of art, since he found in this area the opportunity for applying the tools he has previously learned, but now in a personal manner.
His entire work is centered in the idea of instability, a wide concept that is applied in both ordered and irregular shapes, organizing them in a defined dimension. His work is presented as a planar composition that put aside all figurative language, proposing a reality that’s different from the natural world, letting emerge abstract an intangible concepts along the time and movement. This is achieved through the application of chiaroscuro and organic deformations, that are shaped mathematically using a digital software.

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